Shoei motorcycle helmet conversion

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I just bought a Shoei RF-1000.

I was thinking it would make a spectacular Mjolnir helmet(Yes, the visor is available in gold, albeit for about 60 dollars... But, I could use one of the cheaper visors for the overlay). Mainly, I want to retain its functionality as a motorcycle helmet. This would likely require a flip up shield. I've got some ideas for that, but none of them would be easy. Another important feature would be the air flow vents. It looks like the chin vent can be cheated since the Mjolnir helmet has an indentation in the same place. The overhead vents would be right beneath(actually inside) the Mjolnir's scoops, so that should be no problem. Finally, aerodynamics... Yeah, I realize that the Mjolnir isn't exactly designed for riding bikes, but I own a scooter so I'll never break 45mph. Seems a shame to completely destroy such an aerodynamic masterpiece just to have a working protective Mjolnir helmet though. But that won't stop me.

What will stop me? I have never done any molding or modemaking of any type before! So I need some feedback as to whether this is feasible, if so, how should I go about molding the parts and attatchment etc. Perhaps Pepakura test pieces, then use them to create a mold for a resin cast? Let me know what you think, or just tell me it is stupid to attempt this on a 480USD helmet...

Or perhaps, given the shape... I should make an ODST helm? Visor is also available in silver... Choices choices!

Sorry if this is off topic but how mcuh did that helmet cost?!? I know Arai ar around $800+, and that looks quite expensive.
smilie120 said:
Sorry if this is off topic but how mcuh did that helmet cost?!? I know Arai ar around $800+, and that looks quite expensive.

MSRP is $480 USD... I paid far less than that though :)
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Motocycle helmets are generally bigger than Spartan helmets, and will get even bigger when adding details. I speak from experience. It'll be BIG.
Yeah, thats a good point. And this is a big helmet already. I was really hoping to just add peices on to the outside, using as much of the original shell as possible. Unfortunately Mjolnir isn't very round.
You could air brush it to look like a Spartan helm, but.... Yeah. It'll just get huge if you put stuff on the outside of the shell.
Ooh, spectacular suggestion! Maybe if I just put the visor on and painted the rest. That might not be too bad at all. I've never airbrushed anything, except in photoshop, but I have access to one. Might take a bit of practice before I am good enough to do the helm, but its worth a shot. Thanks!
This is a great idea and one that I had also. Don't give up on it though. It would be better to try this with a cheaper helm though. HJC is a great choice especailly considering that you can get a gold shield for most. I am going to try this with an old HJC helmet that I have. I will add resin pieces to it, keeping the helmet functional. The only problem I see is the visor being fixed which I am looking into. I will let you know if I have any good tips.
A few other things to take into consideration if you plan on wearing it on a bike:

1. Aerodynamics could cause uncomfortable pressure in certain directions you'd have to fight with your neck, making it sore or causing injury, even at low speeds.

2. All your added material will break off if you ever got into an accident. That material is going to go somewhere, and it's going to hurt when it gets there. Not to mention the added forces it will place on your head before it breaks.
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