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So I've really wanted a shotgun for a WHILE. I've got parts of it ATM...but I got a question: how would I make the slide go up so I could stick out the shottie, and c0ck it by pulling the slide? (I.E. the H3 way for Beta Testers)
I know...
Like Rambo or something. You have the slide (and front handle) of the shotgun in your right hand, and you shove it down towards the ground to c0ck it. Like a bad@ss guy.
Oh... Why not buy a pump shotgun... one of them crank ones and modify it?

Wait no that wouldn't work... =\
I just realized I had the idea of it all wrong. Gonna need much more work that I thought. I will post some pics up in a bit.
silvercookie said:
so you mean the terminator 2 shotgun when he is chasing the truck on the motorcycle?

it is a lever action shottie.
Yes I do Silver. Haven't seen you around in a while...have you worked on the turret lately?
I'm thinking of researching lever action shotties and I've got the main barrel down, but I can't pick H1, H2, H3 edition....
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Thats a barrel break shotgun, only useful on double barrell. Their is no practical use for that in the battle field. I highly recomend just making it a pump action like in H2.
Yeah. I wanted it so you could reload it like I said, but otherwise yeah, I think H2 is a better idea.
Let me just clear somt things up for you guys about the Halo shotgun.

It is the same in all Halo games. The only difference in the H3 shotty is that the amount of shells in the magazine has been greatly reduced to keep realism. If you look at the size of the shell compared to the size of the mag, there's no way 12 shells could fit in there.

It is a pump action shotgun with a tubular magazine fit horizontally on top of the barrel.

Pump action. Not lever.
ALSO, there are many aesthetic changes to the shottie. I know what I'm talking about, they can't figure it out.
What I NEED help with is to make a non-firing prop PUMP.
Easy enough, just go to home depot, get two bits of tubing that nest in each other well, make a lip so they don't pull apart, add a clicker for the sound and you got it.

ares ive been on vacation so no i havent been working on the turret lol. could you ressurect it for me? pls.

o yea and ill post pics of the shottie in a sec.

thats what you want right?
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