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Show us your HALO costumes!

Discussion in 'Canadian Regiment' started by SPARTAN II, Apr 12, 2015.



    Like the title says, the staff would like to see who in our group has managed to put together a full HALO-themed suit. Anyone with such please post pics here.

    Given that the 405th charter and regiments have now been finalized and made official, I think it's a good idea to see who has attire to properly represent the 405th at events.

    Anyone who's in the middle of working on their HALO armour may also post a few WiP pics here, along with their planned completion date.
  2. GarzakAzur


    Here is my ODST from Quebec city QC
    Currently in a upgrade phase since it got some con in it.
    61696_1613961750296_7695768_n.jpg 61835_1613962190307_3796479_n.jpg

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    Nicely done, sir! :) I like the Fleur-de-Lis (sp?) you added to the chest plate. Is that a Sean Bradley kit, or hand-made?
  4. GarzakAzur


    All Hand made. I bought the smg from someone here some years ago and would love to get my hand on a Sean Bradley kit. But no money for that :(
    fleur de lys

  5. BlazedStarbon

    BlazedStarbon RCO 405th Regiment Officer

  6. SprayNoob


    You'll notice i have different parts. Michael lent me odst parts that he rondo'd together. I converted to EVA foam over time, it made life a bit more easier.

    10363754_10152068942750906_6945199559900728863_n.jpg From Anime North: I'm the ODST. Joshua from provinces over from ontario as Master Chief

    10361053_10154159149055368_1685046712338601492_n.jpg Orbital Drop Science Trooper. Feet First into scientific hell! didn't want to wear everything again so i had my lab coat with me. Michaela with her Sarah Palmer Armor.

    382642_10201260609265362_409369499_n.jpg MikyVengeance and myself at Anime North. I love that he's taller than i am, gives that proper perspective of Spartans "7 foot" height amongst the navy/marines.

    View attachment DSC_5586(1).jpg View attachment DSC_5596.jpg View attachment DSC_5582.jpg

    After many years being a member on the 405th i've finally finished a suit with modifications within a span of 6 months.


    Looking good there, man! I agree with converting the armour parts to EVA foam, makes everything less cumbersome.

    Kewl! I like it. And I hear ya on the "no money for that" front. As much as I would love to own some of Sean's work, and that of others here, my job situation doesn't allow for it.

    Thanks for the spelling check, btw. I've written it before, but had a bit of a brain fart and suddenly couldn't remember how it was spelled, lol. I was close, though :p
  8. Noble 10

    Noble 10

    um i got 8 costumes 4 odst,a grunt,a brute,a navel admiral , and a spartan and all of them are not done i am scraping the spartan because i left it to long with no bones so it's all distorted and and the 8 are on my to do list but i am going to start a halo 4 marine the one with the open face plate i know i have alot to do :p
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    I know you said none of your costumes are done, but do you have any WiP pics, and maybe also a planned completion date for the first one you intend to have finished? :confused
  10. Noble 10

    Noble 10

    well the 7 are in my movie and i am still looking for a male and a female for my moive so i would say the halo 4 marine is for a nerf war i am hosting so my marine is say august maybe Sept and i am makeing a DMR for my freinds b-day (see foam DMR build for pics)

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  11. FlyinPhil

    FlyinPhil Marketplace Supervisor Division Staff


    As it stands for now! Currently working on the remaining armor pieces so I can lose the cloak, but it's currently wear-able.... oh, and I stand about 6'10 with the suit on :)

    Attached Files:

  12. BlazedStarbon

    BlazedStarbon RCO 405th Regiment Officer

    That's certainly a clever use for the cloak! Very nice :cool
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  13. Skoopa92



    Here's my armor from the Calgary Expo 2015!
  14. Noble 10

    Noble 10

  15. Artifice

    Artifice RXO 405th Regiment Officer

    Looking Awesome Skoopa92!
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  16. chrisy159


    SprayNoob Oh, dang I missed you at Anime North this year. You know Joshua? Small world. Hope to see your cosplay sometime, it looks awesome.
    FlyinPhil That's a pretty smart idea. May have to steal that :p. Love the paint job. Contrasting <3.

    Skoopa92 ...I can't get over the paint job. And the neck seal/piece on the torso works so well!
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  17. Skoopa92


    lol, my sister did the paint job, i flew around my Spartan in Reach and she copied everything super accurately! lol

    the neck seal piece is a strip of breathable fabric that velcros to the inside of the helmet, then to the inside of the undersuit, so you can take it off and wash it and whatnot, again, designed by my sister, lol
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  18. Roku


    Great work everyone.

    Great idea with the neck seal Skoopa92.
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  19. SprayNoob


    If you're going to Fan Expo this year you can catch me there! :D It'd be nice to meet other fellow 405h members, especially Canadian ones!
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  20. chrisy159


    SprayNoob I am going to Fan Expo, sweet! Hope to see you there representing :D!
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  21. MikyVengeance


    Here's a few snapshots of my halo costume! As well as a few friends!

    My costume is made out of the pepakura technique including resin, fiberglass, rondo and bondo. I have a few foam pieces, like the neck guard, inner thigh armor, back of boot armor.
    All of my progress photos are in my signature's thread.



    The Halo 3 marine is a friend of mine that troops with me to various events. We cover Anime North, Comic Con, Fan Expo and Microsoft/ Xbox Events.
    2014-11-12 16.29.16.png

    At Anime North with Spray Noob! :)

    I hope to see some of you at an upcoming con!
  22. Jedi Ranger

    Jedi Ranger

    I have lots of pics to go through to choose from, but I will try to get some uploaded tonight, and shared here. Of both my Halo 3-era marine, and my ODST!
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  23. Jedi Ranger

    Jedi Ranger

    Okay, here are just a few of my favourites from my years of Halo costuming! More pics in my profile albums here on the 405th. And even more pics on my FB pages!

    Apologies, I am not sure how to have the small versions link to larger versions. :(

    My first one was a halo 3 Marine, with two other friends. Group build, our own templates for the armour, made from 6mm sintra (nice and beefy!) Sniper Rifle 100% hand-made by me; mostly MDF, pine, and sintra. Heavy sucker, especially for a full day of trooping with it, in and around a packed con!


    My Halo 3 ODST. Built from a SB kit, with LOTS of extra personal touches by me. Helmet is a V1 SB ODST kit. Helmet uplink module borrowed from my Blackula Reach Commando helmet.



  24. misfitjh


    Hey everyone I'm back!!! Been awhile since I was active. Life tends to get in the way. But here is a shot of me and my daughter from Fanexpo last year. IMG_579577053918_zpsc16d1dd8.jpe Mine is the red suit, I'll be wearing the same suit this year just repainted black with some weapon upgrades and more details. I'll only be going the sat so if you see me run on up and say hi.

    Edit just a quick pic of the new paint 20150705_220101_zpseilltkvn.jpg

    Attached Files:



    Nice work on that ODST armour, sir! The detailing on it looks fantastic!

    And I love the weathering you applied to it, looks very authentic imho :)

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