SIERRA 117: Master Chief Build

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Hello 405th!

Jesse here, professional special effects designer and prop maker for film and television. Owner @raptorhousefx

It has been many years since I undertook a large scale personal project of any kind, but I finally have the time and community support to begin my own unique set of Mjolnir Mk VI “Master Chief” armor.

I plan on using this project as a creative workout, employing the wide variety of technical skills I’ve acquired through my career thus far.

I have a deep love for the Halo universe, and for the people that dedicate endless hours of sculpting, sanding, painting, and sewing in bringing that universe to life through Cosplay.

No estimates for a finishing timeline on this one, but I’m sure it will be at least a full years worth of work, with endless tweaking to follow.

With my background and resources in prop-making, I plan to push this armor set to the ultimate level of realism and wearability.

I am using the incredible Infinite armor set made by @the_maykr as a jump off point, but will be augmenting many parts with my own original detail. The aim is to create a Chief that "feels" right to the viewer, drawing on Halo 2 - 3 for the primary aesthetic. Thats the Chief that lives in my imagination.

The armor will first be 3D printed for scaling and fit, with final parts being made through a variety of techniques. (roto-casting, traditional mold making, cnc machining, and vacuum forming, etc.)

I will be sharing as much of the process as possible, and am happy to answer any questions about my techniques or background.

Here we go!

***(closeup pics of the helmet in progress, sanded ABS prints off my Zortrax M200)***


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Oh wow, great to have you here Jesse! Some of the Mountain Regiment guys told me about your work a while back so I've been following your studio for some time. Looking forward to your spartan.
Great to have another member in the Mountain Regiment region, I look forward to seeing your build and I can't wait to meet you if you come to a local convention!
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