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Sigma LS

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Well guys I really didn't plan on posting this early but I need an opinion on my color choice before I continue. I found a paint called italian olive that I thought might work okay and sprayed a test piece. I wanted to know what ya'll thought before I sprayed the whole thing and maybe had to do it all over again. :mad:


Parts are all primered. Helm and forearms are Bluerealm's and the rest is NAS or NAS I've modified. Couldn't get all the parts in the shot though.

Well its look like a good solid color. Are you planning to do multi colors or just this one color? If not this, this is a good color if you want let your armor factory ''new'' ;)
darkesword2020 said:
I think it looks great, but maybe a little bit of weathering?

Either way kudos!

Omg sigma is that pep?

edit: oh nas and blue realm no wonder helmet looks sexy
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Thanks for the comments guys. I've gone ahead and made all of the armor Italian Olive. Tomorrow it should be dry enough for me to start adding weathering.

Thanks to Adam's tut on weathering and Sean's double visor tut, I think it should turn out good. :not worthy:

I might also try to give it some sort of dull iron dusting for wear. Well, standard weathering first... :D

Edit: to give you a better idea of the color in indoor light.

Almost done with the helm. Just need to add the LEDs and some satin clear coat.

Sean's Double Visor Tut is teh Awesomeness!
I must say, BlueRealm is a hero in my eyes, only if he could make his armor be the new licensed armor, then he'd have himself a great job

God I love his helmet :love:
Thanks guys. That means a lot coming from you Blue.

Sean- If your 2.0 tut is anything like the visor one, it might just make me build some scratch armor.
At falcon's request, heres some more of my newly weathered armor using adam's technique (need to redo the weathering on the helm and having some serious issues w/the backpack so not included)

Nothing's really strapped so it's kind of wierd on me.


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