Sinjinsmiley's Pepakura

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Heya all,

Been lurking on the board for about a week reading up on things so I thought it was about time I made a thread for my plans and pepakura work.

First off here are the parts I’m gonna. As I’m in the UK I had to find some different sources for most bits.

Glue - Tacwise Glue Gun - £9.79
Latex Gloves - Surgical Latex Gloves 50 pair box - £3.47
Resin Brush - Resin Brush 25mm (1") - £0.50
Respirator - Moldex 2405 Valved Respirator - £2.04
Rotary - Dremel 300 Rotary Tool Kit - £49.99
Sander - Black and Decker Gel Tech Mouse - £24.97
LEDs - 3mm Blue LEDs - £0.99
Resistors - Metal Film 2W Resistor - £0.18
Switch - Slim Line Rocker Switch - £0.69
Card - Inkjet Card 50 sheets 160gsm - £5.99
Faceshield - HJC RST Replacement Gold Shield - £15.35
Fibreglass - Plain Weave 200gm 100cm wide - £3.06
Filler - FOCUS Interior Filler Decorators Pack 1.5kg - £4.49
Headliner - Automotive Headliner Fabric Material - £7.40
Resin - 1kg pack General Purpose Resin - £5.24
Boots – Tracpac Patrol Boots - £32.95
Bottoms - Under Armour Coldgear Action Legging - £39.99
Gloves – Hatch LR25 Reactor Gloves
Neck Seal - Make Own
Top - Thor Impact Rig Guard - £89.99
Black - Citadel Colour Chaos Black Spray - £6.00
Hammered Silver - Hammerite Direct to Rust Metal Paint – Hammered Silver - £6.69
Light Olive - Humbrol Hobby Spray Paint Light Olive Matt - £3.25

Next up planned projects:

Project 1 – USNC M6D Pistol
Status – In Progress
Cutting and Sticking

This is my practice project, getting used to putting together Pepakura models. At this stage it is unlikely I will take it past the construction phase. However, once my armour is constructed I will probably do more work on it in terms of painting.

Model –
Plans -

Project 2 – Mjolnir Mark VI Helm (Halo 3 Style)

Status – Planning

This is gonna be my first proper project, I thought I may as well jump in the deep end and get started on a helm. My thanks to flying squirl for his great 3d model.

From what I’ve read on the forums I’ve put together my plan below, please crit and make comments.

  1. Print and cut out plans.
  2. Glue together
  3. Resin and fibreglass (thanks to Toftt Nightmare for instructions)
    a. Light coat of resin on outside
    b. Heavier coat of resin on outside
    c. Light coat of resin inside
    d. Fibreglass cloth on inside
  4. Apply filler and sand for details
  5. Paint (thanks Adam for the video)
    a. Black primer
    b. Light olive main coat
    c. Drybrush hammered silver
  6. Cut details into visor using rotary tool (thanks for the tut Sean)
  7. Install LEDs
  8. Insert padding (headliner fabric)
  9. Done!
Model –
Plans -

Project 3 - Mjolnir Mark VI Armour
Status – Pre-planning

After the helm is completed I will follow roughly the same guide to make the other pieces of armour (minus LEDs and visor of course ;) ).

Feel free to crit everything, will be adding pictures of my pistol WIP soon.
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Loving the links.

Nice to see a guy who does his research and such before asking questions... ;)

I'd love to see your progress on this, keep us posted :p

Good luck! :)
@darkesword: Thanks, i'll make sure to keep the thread up to date.

I'm already learning lessons from the current project:
  1. Don't stick with the default flap size
  2. Make sure in the designer that not too many flaps overlap
I'm just printing off the last pages of the pistol so I should have some pics have soon. However they really are a mess in terms of flaps.

Thankfully i've taken a lot more care in the layout of the helm :D


The last few pages of the pistol were even more of a flap mess than I thought so I've gone back into Pepakura and redesigned them. Links to the pdf and pdo are below:


Now to redo the cutting ;)

Here are the plans all laid out, now time to get cutting (sorry for rubbish quality, blame my phone :p )
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