Sintra Armor?

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Hello everybody,

I'm a newbie, but I've been visiting this website for almost a month now, reading several topics a day. I want to build a set of Pep MC armor using Sintra, which I've seen used by the people on for Boba Fett armor. I've worked with Sintra before myself (300 Leonidas Helm, cloak clasp, and Sword), and I've read some posts about others dabbling with it, but I couldn't find anything about how well it turned out.

Has anyone out there made a decent suit, or have an opinion on whether it is even worth trying?

I'm willing to go the cardstock route if necessary, but I've already got a couple of sheets of Sintra sitting around the house.

By the way, does the smoothness for pep armor come from the resin/fiberglass process, or does it just look like that regardless?

Thank you in advance,

Pep is not smooth by nature, check my profile, then my galleries and you will see what I mean... its from a detailing process... and I have never used Sintra... so i can't help there..
I'm thinking I'll try building a piece sometime this weekend, but I haven't decided which would be easier to start with. What do you think, the boots or hand pieces?
Hey, sorry it took so long, I decided to redo the pep file I was using to minimze the cutting I would have to do. I tried the hand piece, and I don't think sintra would be a good way to do it. Here's why:

The Sintra doesn't do small folds well. The smaller parts tended to break off. It my work a little better for the bigger pieces like the Chest and Hips, but definitely not great for some of the smaller parts, and DEFINITELY NOT the helmet. It might be okay for weapons though...


By the way, thank you Spase and LastSpartan for the quick answers.
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