size tester handplates

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i made these size testers and i was wondering if i could get an opinion of what you guys think. are they too big or small? sorry they are kinda blurry. its my cell phone camera. i dont have a digital camera. thanks.



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You dont have to worry about the size, it's perfect!
It might look a lil' big now but when you put gloves on it will look smaller.



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Looks alright. Tape it to your hand and move you wrist to see if it touches your arm, also consider where the arm armor will sit to make sure it will not hit.

Ral Partha

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You have to wear that gloves that you intend to use with these hand plates so that you can properly judge their size.
I made the size testers and I think mine are a little big I was going to reduce them by 1/2" or 1" to see if i like it better.

And with the gloves on.

What do you guys think?
AoBfrost said:
Looks good to me, now try robogenesis's hand plates, they looks just like the ones ingame.
Those are Robo's testers. Im getting on the HD ones right now. Woot Woot
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yea i tried robos hd before but they were way to big. thats why i made the tester so i know it will be right. thanks. i think i will stick with that size.


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I think the size looks pretty good.

I think those seem a little to big. I'd scale them down even more.

The hand plates are exactly the same, except a few faces were removed on my that weren't on Slyfo's.
I just used the plates that are in my "Basic Beta Models" for the size tester, because they looked simple enough already, and I didn't feel like making and unfolding another model :p
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