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Spartan 061

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I found the IWHBYD skull, picked it up, and when i checked settings, there wasnt a skull filled with color there. Is this because i havent found another skull?
Hmm, no clue as to what's wrong. Perhaps you're confusing it with another skull? The IWHBYD skull is the silver one with the double helix on its forehead.
that happened to me u need to redo it and beat the level u cant just get it and stop u have to beat the whole lvl but its just down the hall
Happened to me too the first time. I just re-loaded from the last checkpoint, jumped the rings again, grabbed the skull and carried it to the next checkpoint...showed up fine for me after that
i beat the level while holding that skull, just basically punched as necessary with the skull. im sure its not necessary, but i enjoyed it.
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