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Hello all,

I've managed to get my hands on a Skullworx setup and I'm figuring out how to adapt it for the MJOLNIR helmet. There are a lot of references to Skullworx in the forums here, but no real tutorials as yet for installing it (maybe after I'm done I'll write one) in a non-Stormtrooper helmet.

My question is this: Does anybody else have this in their armor, and if so, can you provide any tips on how you went about placing the speakers?

I'm not sure where I'm going to put them. They're quite large, 7/8" Dia. I've thought about the side area I was planning on installing LEDs (maybe the speaker on top, with one LED beneath). Or maybe rewiring the speakers into the shoulders - but best case would be to keep everything in the helmet self-contained.

Any help would be greatly appreciated!
This is the Skullworx unit. It's designed for Stormtrooper helmets but can be adapted for other costumes. I have everything figured out except what to do with the speakers.

I don't want to put them behind the vents in front, because I plan to set the fans there. I'm leaning towards either the side (where LEDs commonly go), or doing something in the chin guard and painting the front of them the same color as the helmet (but this will drastically affect the helmet appearance). I do have a lot more room in the chin for stuff, though.

If I put them in the side, and place an LED within 1/4" of the speaker, am I going to get interference from the two electronics parts being in such close proximity? Can I insulate both and prevent interference? If so, what should I use for insulation?

Thanks for your help!
Just trial and error mate...

I had to use the skullworx kit for my Clone helmet, and make it work.

Just a matter of placement.

Don't make it permanent. Use tape and try areas inside the helmet and see which works best for you.

Good luck!

- Fitz
Attack speakers to the inside of the helmet, in the area of the lower ear, it should but the bottom of the area that you install led lights, that bottom area...might work. Otherwise if you dont mind some wires sticking out, just install them to the backpack shoulder things.
Why not put the speakers in the Vents that rest on the shoulders facing forward?

Hook it all up with a plug assembly so after you put your helmet on you plug it into the shoulder piece. At least that's what I was thinking on doing.
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