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Thanks very much buddy! :D Thanks to everyone who goes there. 2000 visitors in a month! Almost anyway, :) I think that's a great start.

I've been trying to keep it updated daily, even if I'm only showing minor progress. I want others to see what can be done, although saying that there are many other people who could probably model this stuff too. For those who can't, then there's me. ;)

I have a lot of thing lined up in my head, I'm just keeping them quiet until I'm ready to start them.


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Great job on the helmet!! that took skill. any chance i could get a copy of the fett helmet?? im a big fett fan and i even painted jango on my wall 2 years ago. if its already posted somewhere im not trying to be lazy im just not sure where to look.


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Thanks alot buddy.

You'll need to visit my blog, read through the Clone posts and you'll see how you can get your hands on my clone helmet. ;)


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Skupilkinson said:
Thanks alot buddy.

You'll need to visit my blog, read through the Clone posts and you'll see how you can get your hands on my clone helmet. ;)
The clone helm look's amazing! I was browsing through your blog. Its getting bigger every day! An better!
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Hey, I know it's been a while since I updated this but I finally have some new templates to show. :)

I've been busy lately working on new templates, again from the SW universe. :) I have a Darth Revan "helmet", a helmet not a mask as it was comissioned that way by the customer. Revans mask is fairly low in detail and so is the model. Any detail I might have added would have been lost during the Bondo stage anyway so this one is fairly plain.

I've also been working on some pieces as seen in the new SW sweries, The Clone Wars. I've done both Anakin and Obi Wan Jedi Armor. These pieces include Jedi Paldrons and then both Obi and Anakins individual shoulder plates and bells.

Finally, I completed just yesterday, the Clone Trooper Helmet. Also as seen in TCW, this helmet is different than the one seen in AOTC. It's slightly more simplified and has a wider flare around the jaw line.

All files are available through my blog as usual. ;)

Some pics:

Clone Trooper


Obi Wan

Darth Revan

Hope you like 'em. ;)


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Morning guys,

I wanted to update this thread with some new templates I'm working on. This thread has kinda become my place to post my latest work so thought I'd keep it here rather than start a new thread.

First up is the Senate Commando helmets from Star Wars: The Clone Wars. These helmets are seen in the episode, Cloak of Darkness.



The current Star Wars tghemed project for me right now is a full set of Clone Trooper armor!! The modelling work is now complete and it just needs unfolding. The original model for this was sent to me by a friend though it was far too busy and needed a lot of remodelling to make it work as a pep file. I used the original as a base and remodelled it, deleting the old original model as I went. Just the way I did with my Emporor's Royal Guard lid. The model is still smooth and (I'd say) HD which will make a long build but will help during the Bondo/filler stage. Anyway, a pic:

Hope you guys like it, feel free to comment or criticize(sp?). ;)


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It's not ready yet buddy, though when it is I'm afraid it won't be free.

I've started unfolding it but I have other work I need to get finished first. ;) Such as a HD Lancer and shotgun from Mass Effect.


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tell me when you end :D it's look !@$#@! AWSOME. When you end i want to try them :D (make a pepakura model ofcorse XD)


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Yeah, It's supposed to be a mask rather than a helmet. The guy who commissioned me to do it though wanted it to have a dome. I think it was for a custom. Though the dome can be cut back to make it the mask it should be.


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I just wanted to try, and see if it was any hope for some help from this guy.
Because I need a good molder to help us.