*Skyrim* Dragonbone Sword WIP

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Hello fellow recruits,
Today I started a creating the dragonbone sword from Skyrim. It has been a project I've wanted to start for a long time but never had the time.

I'll continue to post picture as progress is made.

Cut out for the actual Blade made out of Pine


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Nice cut out, i cant wait to see everything else!
wait, I nearly forgot something, look out for any sharp objects in the knee


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As someone who loves:
1. Swords
2. Props
3. Skyrim
I cannot wait to see this done =D


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Hey All,
Thank you for all your kind words. I thought it was about time for an update. Most metal plates have been cut out. Mostly the hilt needs plating.
I also cut off the bottom allowing for the proper ring to be added when the time comes. Possibly going to make the handle a little thinner too. That's really all for now. Will update you all again soon!


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Update #3
Most metal parts have been shaped and added to the sword. Mostly work from the handle down has been untouched. The cross guard is all welded together with minor detail needed to be added closer to completion of the sword. Basic shaping of the blade has been done as well with a little bit left to do then its sanding mode for about 3 years yay.
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