Skyrim, First build


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So this was my first build and as such, its kinda full of mistakes, i didn't properly scale the helmet so its a lot larger than needed, but by the time i realized this i was far enough into it i just kept going.

I plan on using it as a decoration now so I'll still finish it and paint it, currently i'm trying to decide if i want to use bondo to do the detailing or an air dry clay such as paper clay


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I wouldn't use clay. When you spread it all over, it cracks really bad once it's dried. I would keep to Bondo.

nice looking pep! Very clean work!


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Could be just the angle, but it doesn't look too big to me. Nice work man! Where did you get the file from? I'm also making some Skyrim armor, but I fear the helmet I have may be too constricting with the torso so I may need a back-up helmet and this one might be perfect for it.