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Alright, well I came to this sight today looking for people who have made Halo armor and it has been extremely impressive.

Although some people put a lot of time and money into their projects I cannot put that much money into it. (I'm not broke as hell or anything but I need to spend money on other things, you know how it is).

Alright so basically I can afford to make the armor and what not but I don't know where or how to attach things like straps or where to find gloves, shirt, and pants that actually look somewhat authentic. I mean, I could just wear a turtle neck shirt but it doesn't really look that great. I know where to find a neck seal that I searched up on the internet and actual bullet proof fiberglass (not that I would actually use this kind of fiberglass but it's still cool that it exists).

So if you have any suggestions as to an affordable suit of the under clothing and straps and what not it would be very appreciated.
well im in the proccess of making an acurate undersuit out of a flexible rubber. not quite sure when ill be done but its just sumthin to keep in mind. other than that there are many many threads on underarmor and where to buy pieces that look fairly good.
Flexible rubber? wow it will get hot under there. Unless you are into those kinds of fetishes. lol jk anyways for an undersuit it will get hot.
The guy in the following link had a pretty nice undersuit... I wonder where he got the materials. My mom is an ex-seamstress and she knows how to make things like that but damn...

Link here
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