Sniper, zomg.

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First, what does zomg mean?
Second, does anyone mind giving a link to a sniper airsoft gun that can shoot 400+fps with .2g bb's, accurate, comes with a scope, and costs fairly cheap.
Like under 100 dollars?


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to answer number one. its just another way to say omg [oh my god or oh my gosh. but its like: zoh my gosh] mainly. it means more exiting then omg


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-____- this is honestly getting rediculous. Just post in the one I made, or heck, make your own thread for the "CemreTas airsoft questions help me thread"

It's not like people aren't going to see your questions if you just ask there.

You're going to have to look up reviews on it as I don't know how accurate shortyusa is on their chrono, they've been pretty good if I recall in their past. but look up some reviews for it.
If the link doesnt work tell me


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To answer your question about 'zomg'....
It's like 'pwn', is you type own enough, you are bound to hit the 'p' key instead od the 'o' key. That's how 'pwn' came about.
'zomg' comes from you missing the 'Shift' key and hitting the 'z' key. 'zomg' could be a simple mistake, but if somebody types it like 'zOMG' or 'ZOMG', they are probably being sarcastic, or don't know what it means and are typing it to be 'cool' as you will.

As for the sniper, I haven't a clue.
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