so i felt like makin a mold.

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i know how i can vac-form the torso and other areas.

but how on earth do i vac-form a helmet?

would i have to cut it into peices and do it that way?

or is there like some kind of special vac-forming i've never heard of o_O

advice please!
plaster it in four seperate parts, then vaccuform the molds made of plaster.dont know how to attach the pieces though
You could cut it in half and vacuforum each side. Don't see whats wrong with that.

Dark Rogue said:
I'm just curious because I don't know, but why can't you vacuform the entire helmet at once?

the undercuts wouldnt allow you to remove the master from the plastic.
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I would put a sheet of metal and sandwhich it in plaster, then take it apart, cutting with a saw or dremel will take away a some plaster, which in the end, your helmet may not come out perfect.
crazybunny said:
Do you have the master done? Can you show pic, im curious as to what its made of

its a pep helm with fiberglass and spackle.. havent had enough time to sand it down more... or add the final resin layer....

but heres a W.I.P.


im currently working on a new helm from Flying Squirl's (current = slyfo) cuz i think it looks better (shape wise) so i might sell this unfinished (with resin layer ontop of course)
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crazybunny said:
the undercuts wouldnt allow you to remove the master from the plastic.
Ah, that makes sense.

I'd be sure that last resin layer's pretty smooth, otherwise you'll have to do more sanding.
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Thats pretty damn good looking. You should silicone that instead, then sell copys of it. But if you want to vaccuform it, make plaster molds of it, reproduce each half in plaster from the molds(using release agents of course), and vaccuform them, then epoxy the 2 halfs together
In my opinion, you'd really have to chop up the helmet to get good pulls - there are way too many sharp corners and undercuts on the bucket to reliably vacuform it. Not saying it can't be done, but if you look at the helmet from each angle, you've got undercuts all over the place.
That being said - here's an idea - multiple pieces.
back - from the back to the little ear indent. Including it will cause an undercut, but it could be used to line the pieces up when assembling it later
jaw - left jaw, right jaw, assembled in the middle - filler and sand smooth
top - should be fairly easy, as long as you do a visor also

5 pieces? I think if someone wants to do it, they could. Personally, I think going the fiberglass route will result in better results.
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