So I Found a Use for My Old Costumes!


I shot a bunch of film about this, and originally I was going to make a more...educational video, but it ended up being way too long and not at all entertaining.

I'll most likely talk more about structural integrity of cardboard when I make a tutorial dedicated to it. I'll probably include some of the footage I ended up scrapping.

In the meantime, enjoy:


And if anyone wants to know why:

1. They are worn out and I don't anticipate wearing them in the future. I can always make better ones.
2. I don't have the space. I am cutting back on my possessions and I don't want to save something that has no function or any way to be artistically displayed.
3. It feels freeing to make way for something better.
4. I've preserved them in memory/photos/videos, so I don't mind.
5. Science. I needed to dissect them to figure out what went wrong, so my Hunter will be better.

Apologies to those who would have liked to know that these were still alive in some form, but trust me--they're in a better place.

(Also, for the record, I wish I had opportunities to involve more...interesting tools with this. Like a chainsaw, or a flamethrower, or a train...Just saying. I still had fun, though.)