so I just saw that there's a new Dark Horse comic about Sarah


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It's funny cause I was talking to an FB friend member whom is also a 405th'er (didn't get her handle) about some fan fiction I was going to write about and was inspired by her ODST costume. Anywhoo I came up with this.
and this
which became this

I'm just gonna share the images and forgo writing about any stupid ideas I had about her rise to Spartan Commander amid the fierce rivlary between ODSTs and Spartans. Seeing as how the UNSC mass produced the SIERRA asset and basically did away with shock troopers, this had to be a source of great friction between the two factions.

Full disclosure: I saw this cover art MONTHS ago and thought, of course she would have had to be a badass Drop Trooper to get to where she is now.

any thoughts?


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Hmm, interesting that she used to be an ODST. This means that Buck could be brought in as a new spartan as well, since somewhere his profile read "...if he was any better, he'd be a spartan." That'd be pretty sweet to have him back!


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oh now I see what you mean. well this might tie into the whole Spartan assault that came out this month. but her being an odst is just epic, because all us helljumpers just got a 1UP.

more intel I just got from a friend of mine who works at a comic book store

release dates:
book one: 8/14/13
book two: 9/11/13
book three: 10/4/13

book two is when she on the infinity fighting rebels

book three unknown as of now.
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