So I keep having Halo VR dreams...


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Mkay, there's been a couple of times when I have had dreams of Halo in VR, latest one being last night. One of the best parts of it was ragdoll physics. For example, you could punch a sleeping grunt to death, pick it up and throw it at an elite and knock 'em over. Then you could pick up the elite and just keep hitting them, or throw them over an edge. OK, I might be a little extreme, but I'm just saying what I saw (my apologies to the covenant cosplayers out there).

What do you guys think would be cool in a Halo VR?


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I think their's a vr for halo on xbox/you can attach a vr set to it, or when for the pc. But if they have an actual game, that they worked on that would be freakin cool!
I agree. We have seen what is possible with halo:recruit and the halo outpost discovery "paintball" game, so I wouldn't expect it to be very long. Who knows, maybe RandomRanger will make the first plugin xD