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    So, I've bought a boomco MA5D. It being scaled for little people, it obviously isn't to the specifications of the ''real" one. However, I've measured it out and here's the comparison of the two.

    -Length- 26.5"
    -Width- 3"
    -Height- 9.75"

    Halopedia Specification-
    -Length- 39.2"
    -Width- 3"
    -Height- 10.8"

    By looking at pictures of Marines and ODST in game carrying it, (Can't use Spartans because of their augmented size) it seems closer to the boomco, than the actual wiki length specified. I'm sure someone here has figured out the discrepancy and resolved it, but I cant seem to. I've made some drawings to scale it to their specs, and it seems absurdly long. Does anyone have any insight?
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    I could be wrong, but I believe at one point I heard/read that the guns in game scale up or down depending on who is holding them. As you said, the SPARTANs are much bigger than the normal Marines, so a weapon designed to comfortably fit in their hands would look overly large in the other UNSC members hands, and vice versa. So, in game, the weapons change size, depending on who is holding them, the model shrinks down a little for NPCs, and is larger in the player's hands to look better.

    I could be remembering that wrong though...
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    I need to go back into CE to see if this is true. I remember Keyes and the marines carrying some goofy oversized Covenant weaponry. Maybe certain ones have a scale factor associated? This sounds like a job for science.

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