So..Who's joining me in Paradise?


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Burnout Paradise I mean..

If you do not know what it is go here:

Burnout Paradise looks awesome and after playing the demo im glad I have saved up money for it.

Another funny thing I stumbled upon today was a video for the Walmart Racer in Burnout Paradise..I was hoping it would have been a grocery cart pushed by a handicapped employee..but, its not instead its a GP car..All you gotta do is enter the code WALMART in the Under the Hood section in the main menu...Not that hard..


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I was just about to make a similar thread, R U GAME???!!! Im usually on in the evenings M-F!!!
What timezone? Im in EST.

Hopfully we can race on January 22nd unless criterion hasn't fixed their server issues by then (the demo freezes at loading an online lobby..).
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I do want to get this game when it comes out. It looks really cool. I had to delete the demo because it was ruining my other gaming experiences - don't want to get tired of the game before it comes out.