Solid as Steel: steel MJOLNIR Mk V


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Hello all. I am robbysheldon. I joined this forum over three years ago, and after a few months and a couple paper helmets I sort of disappeared... Before I go into the project, I'd like to tell just a little about why I joined and then left, and how the 405th is a large contributor to who I am today.

I registered an account here when I was 16 or so. I was obsessed with Halo at the time, and had always liked making crappy props and stuff out of whatever, and so with the resources the 405th had(all the amazing tuts, guides, tips, links to reference imagery and pep files) I started to learn. Eventually, I worked up the nerve to make a very poor undersized mark V helmet(the one in my avatar pic; it stuck with me for a long time), followed by a full pep mark V suit and a few paper helmets. After that though, my young attention span drifted, I had played Halo 3 pretty much for hours every day for months, and so I eventually got sick of it and stopped calling myself a Halo fan.

After that, I kind of stopped costume and prop stuff too for a while... until something like a year later. The situation was as such: A friend asked me if I'd like to hit up a con with him, he said I had two weeks, and I said I had a pep file I'd been wanting to build. Two weeks later, I was Megatron. 11/kon15.jpg Using the scaling know-how I learned from this forum, I turned a six inch pepakura figure into a very flimsy rig, and I took my first step into the world of cosplay. From there, I joined a similar, lesser known group, the TransCostumers, and became the leader of a Decepticon cosplay group, placed in a large cosplay tournament, and built too many cosplays to count after that from all sorts of things. Every time, I'd say find at least one thing to say "I learned this back in the 405th" when explaining it.

And after a few years of doing cool stuff, I decided to do something special for the Halo 4 launch. I took an old, dusty, barely resined mark V helmet I had made so long ago, painted it up, fitted it with an impromptu visor (made from a soda bottle and lightly spray painted gold), talked with the Gamestop employees, and stood behind the counter in tux and helm, with a nametag reading "HI, MY NAME IS: xMAsT4-Ch3Efx", and I talked with fans, struck poses, advertized gamefuel, and nodded silently to each person who picked up their copy of the much anticipated title. It was pretty cool. And the game restored my faith in Halo, making me proud to say I was a fan once more. Then I was reminded of what was coming out a week later.

So guess who showed up at the Black Ops II midnight launch, in front of a hundred freezing CoD fans, in a disheveled tux and Master Chief helmet. Eeyup. Me. With a big sign that read: "COD SUKS" Reactions were mixed. Most took it as the joke it was intended as. There were cheers, jeers, high-fives, hand shakes, pics taken(still can't find any though), and at one point I was leading a synchronized Gangnam Style dance. It was pretty crazy, and then I got punched in the dick. Some people just can't take a joke. Then another person punched me in the dick. Really regretted forgetting my cup. Then someone tackled me, ripped my helmet off, and drove off wearing it and hanging out their window shouting expletives at me. Now, with the way I had made the visor, I was pretty much blind. Bad, bad idea. I couldn't ID who did it, and the Gamestop employees(all of them) wanted to call the cops. I just let it go, saying I could easily make another I guess, and called it a night because by that point most of the people had got their game. The remaining folks were very apologetic for their comrades in CoD though, and the night had still brought many, many laughs.

And that is what inspired me to return to the 405th in earnest. I am officially initiating project "Try Stealing My Helmet Now, Jackass". I have started work on a full suit of armor, mark V of course, as the classic design is still my favorite. It is to be made, not with the traditional pep method I learned of so long ago, but with steel. Metal used in ductwork, to be precise. I have completed the left forearm, only needing some paint now.



I haven't been 'round the forums since I left back in '09. How common is it, exactly, to use steel as a build material? : p I do have a very busy life at the moment, and my projected timeframe is "hope to be done by the time Halo 5 comes out", so forgive me if updates are rare.

Now, it has been a while, and I have long looked up to the 405th and spread the word of its glory. Sorry if my story above is in poor form for a build progress thread, but I felt the need to explain why it is I've returned and what inspired me to do this. Is it too much to hope that this prodigal son might be welcomed back home?

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That is going to be one interesting project, and sucks about the idiot cod kid, those cod kids really get all upset because they know it takes no skill to play that type of game, anyways good luck on the project


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That is going to be amazing! I was thinking of trying to use metal but I have very little metal working skills and I thought I should get a few pep suits on my belt. Best of luck on that, man. I'm excited to see how it goes!
Lol I turned up to the Blackops II midnight launch in my area in full combat gear. My old army uniform with Tactical riot gear, a 1:1 scale ak-47 and colt 45 in leg pocket. I got a LOT of photos taken lol. They made mne hand out competition prizes and and the like. It was really fun.

I AM SO WATCHING THIS BUILD..... I am an aspiring smithy and would very much like to see this complete!


That really sucks about your helmet man. Those cod fanboys really need to lay off. On haloween I saw my brother's friend, who is a big CoD fan, and when he saw me in my mark vi halo armor, he look at me and said "wow, your costume is cheap", then proceeded to punch me in the side of my helmet which, I later found out, caused a huge crack. At least if someone tries to tackle you at the next CoD midnight release, your metal armor will protect you!

But anyways, good luck on the armor, I saw a guy on YouTube who made metal armor too. This is gonna be an awesome build!

Btw, have you tried checking eBay? The guy who took you helmet could have put it up for sale if you want it back.


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Sory bout the halmet man. that must suck. Can't wait to see this build done. Full metal armor? Now just add cevlar and your set. PS i like the pony poster! BroHoof! /)


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You should definitely work on the codpiece, that should stop the dick punches (weld spikes on there for added effect).


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Condolences on the COD incident. People really don't think much these days.

Forearm looks good. Interesting project you have going here. Keep up the good work.


that sucks :( at least you have a story to tell, even if it might not be one of your greatest moments lol. I am really intrigued with this! i have never seen anyone tackle armor with metal, can't wait to see what you come up with!


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Find some way to comfortably attach some small steel plates to the glove punch with those, and the attacker will definitely back off.

Awesome craftsmanship on the gauntlet and handplate, can't wait to see more progress!

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My condolences for the multiple sack wacks.

I'm very much looking forward to seeing how your build progresses and finished up as. I'm going to be soon jumping into the fray of making my first suit and thought to myself why nobody has done an alloy suit before? Materials could be comparable to foam / fibreglass / bondo maybe ... yet anything thing to investigate at my local hardware store!


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Btw, have you tried checking eBay? The guy who took you helmet could have put it up for sale if you want it back.
Bah, not worth the trouble. And I doubt he'd try it. The helm fit snug and only had one coat of resin on the outside of it. When he ripped it off, he literally ripped it off.

PS i like the pony poster! BroHoof! /)

now the real question is how much will this all weight?
Not so much as you'd think. Comparable to fiberglass, I'd think. It's quite thin metal used for ductwork. Sill steel, just lighter and easier to work with steel.

This is both the first time I've really tried making a full suit of armor, and the first time I've used metal for a majority of the build. Only time before this that I've used it was for the belt, bangle, and other details on my Cloud Strife outfit and then for the regalia on one of my deluxe plushies (rcracer, you'll like this one)


That gave me the chance to experiment with painting it and seeing how hard it was to work. I've just about got the left bicep done, and I'm readying myself to begin work on the helmet later.


And as I recall, I've only heard of one other person making a metal rig, and it was Moz.
I'm using his pep files for reference and more.
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And now the left arm's done.


It's pretty apparent I'm going to need some padding to fill this out. I'm going to use EVA foam from foam mats to give a fuller, bulked out appearance. Also, I've already ordered the visor, so that's covered. This time, I'm gonna be able to see.


Sux to hear about that prick... Next time bring a buddy along to tell people to back off. I never go out in my suit without either my buddy who is a corrections officer, or my buddy who is in the army. Exicted to see this work out. Bro hoof! /)


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Sux to hear about that prick... Next time bring a buddy along to tell people to back off. I never go out in my suit without either my buddy who is a corrections officer, or my buddy who is in the army. Exicted to see this work out. Bro hoof! /)
Only folks I knew who both lived in the area and were up at midnight were working in the store. Perhaps by next time I'll know a few more folks. It'd have been great to have had a cameraman too. I figured by the point I said "synchronized Gangnam Style gance" I'd have lost all credibility without pics.

I wan- no, I NEED one of those Luna plushies!!!!!!!

Where did you get it?!
I made her, good sir. ; p
That's how I'm paying for the materials, actually. I make pony plushies(the best!).
I am a man of many varied interests and skills.
PM me here or on DeviantArt if you want to talk more 'bout them or about prices. You'll find the rest of my work there too.