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Literally typed all this and hit send as the thread was closed, so I'm not about to just like backspace all of this...
This IS in response to the I Quit thread, and I am aware that trying to continue that discussion could get me into trouble, but I get in trouble all the time so... idk.

When the adults fight, it's always the kids that lose...

I have always been proud to call myself a 405th Member, I've included it on my Xbox gamercard, I've included it on my Instagram, and I would happily include it on my armor if I finish it.

I've been both a member and a lurker for a long time, and while I do have periods of leave, this is one community that I truly love and care about, and what I'm seeing right now hurts.

I was there when Adam turned over the site to Art. I've met Adam in person and he is fantastic, but I understand why he handed it off; he had other things in life he wanted to pursue. Regardless, I still love the guy.

I wasn't so sure about the handoff to Art when it happened, but I supported it. It was a time in the 405th where I could actively coordinate with a staff member and site owner and work towards the benefit of the site. I made suggestions on how we could improve things, and Art listened. I would find technical issues of little formatting things and post about them, and Art would listen.

It was something I did not expect, and Art had earned a lot of respect from me for being so hands on and doing his best to make sure the 405th was the best it could be.

Chernobyl (Arcanine at the time) is also someone I greatly respect.

Like Chernobyl, I am also one of the 405th Members to have SUCCESSFULLY extracted files from Halo games.
I managed to obtain the majority if not all of Halo Reach on my own, but Halo 4 proved to have complications. I managed to get models out of Halo 4, but they were hardly recognizable, they were a complete mess.
There was also all the DLC armors for Halo 4. I cannot clearly remember if I was able to get it extracted, but if memory proves right, I wasn't even able to get the files necessary to do the extracting.
I have not looked into Halo 5 at all.

I'm someone who doesn't mind trying to hack/cheat/exploit when it comes to games which is why I was able to provide many of the 405th with image references when Reach had just recently come out.
I thought I would learn Asset extraction as well, it seemed like the next best step.

But what you all don't know is that simply trying to learn about it causes cancer... I'm only slightly joking.
Facepunch is the central community for Asset Extraction, and going there will give you cancer.
The community is entirely unhelpful to new people simply trying to learn, unlike MY 405th community.
There are no real guides for going about each game... or really any game.
But despite this, Chernobyl did it, and not only did she do it for Reach, she successfully has done it with every game.

She is right when she says there's nobody else on the 405th with the skills or knowledge that she has to contribute these files. I've certainly tried, but I've only scratched the surface.
It isn't 3D modeling, it isn't making armor, it isn't writing tutorials and guides, it's a completely different craft/skill that not many of us have (all included, not just 405th), and while it does include some of those other things, it's much more than any of those things.
I can model some beautiful 3D Models, and it does require an equally high skill level, but when I'm not sure of some of the geometry and dimensions, I can't make it perfect, but an asset extractor can give me the tools (models) for me to do so.

While I was trying to learn how to do asset extraction, I'll admit, that I did bump heads with Chernobyl.
That said, I bump heads with a lot of people, I can be very blunt and hard to work with at times.
I wanted to know what she knew; I was really hoping for an actual guide or tutorial I could follow like what I've provided for the 405th for other things.
She wouldn't hold my hand, it was incredibly frustrating, but she had fought her way through all that Facepunch cancer bull**** *** ****ing **** ****. I literally cannot express that properly to everyone else, but given my experience, her response more than made since to me, I understood her, and I respected her.
I mean... hey... I'd still love a tutorial for each game so that I could try my hand at it myself, but I also understand that when someone else has already completed it, I don't really have the reason to so long as they are around and willing to provide those things.

To those of you who might say that those models don't belong to her and they are owned by Bungie/343, I'm not sure that I can convince you otherwise, as there is some degree of truth to it, but none of you had to extract those files. They are usually bundled in layers in a single model and each one requires significant cleaning up.
Separating each and every model from the host model and making them individually available is an incredibly tedious and painful task. I've tried, and I've done it to some degree for some of the things I needed which weren't available at the time.

Applying textures/maps to those models is a complete other story, one that I still don't know how to do. I'd really like to learn, and if someone would like to write a tutorial/guide on what I need to do, I'd love it.
Regardless, Chernobyl offered digital versions of a person's spartan to a few people, and while I missed out on it, it was very cool of her to do.

All of this culminates up into a great loss to me. It hurts me that in my absence things have turned to this.
Not that I could have done anything as I'm usually on the chopping block in forums with multiple warnings...

I understand the arguments of both sides to some degree, but like many others I'm sure, I don't know what has happened for Chernobyl to be so upset, but it hurts me that whatever has happened to lead to this has happened.

I know it's unfair for me to ask Chernobyl to come back at this point, if she wants to cut ties, she has the respect from me to give her that much. I don't want to jump on a bandwagon against Art, because he also has my respect, but so far, the community that I care about seems to have come together against a single enemy, that being the management.

I REALLY do want to see the 405th flourish and continue. I don't like that we are losing members from what to me seems like could be petty things, idk. I do not want our members to become disenfranchised because our community has evolved into something toxic, and it has bothered me that individuals have begun selling 3D models, when for so long 99% of all the Halo related files were free, but based on my current situation, I don't even have room to complain. I have no job, so the $30 I get a month by selling 1 model has been the biggest uplifting thing when those sales do happen.

I am hurt by this whole thing, and there doesn't seem to be a way to put things back into place and call them fixed. The damage has been done, the fiberglass helmet has fallen off the shelf.

Chernobyl, while I cannot support you monetarily hosting a file archive, I will support it emotionally. No one has brought up where that archive will be or when it will happen, so allow me to be the first.
When and where will the new Archive happen?

If Art is truly defending the 405th community and not his own interest, perhaps seeing a new Archive would set into motion the removal of the content here.

...or is the new archive a stipulation of the current one being taken down? (Chernobyl)

I have files (or at least I did) up on the archive. What will happen to them? Someone please answer this. (Art Andrews )

Art, I would like to respect her request, as such I am willing to be appointed to a position where I can remove the said files in question to save yourself the time and frustration.

I want the 405th to be a positive place, and I don't want toxic things hanging over us in the air.

Chernobyl, if you read this, please message me on facebook, I haven't been in touch for a while and I'd like to fix that. Search "Ansgeirr", I'm the only one.

Art Andrews

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WandererTJ , thank you for sharing this with the community. It is a fitting tribute to Chernobyl's contributions to the community and underscores the impact of her loss.

With regard to what is happening with the Resources section, we are working hard to move the old documents to the new site. We are having to do a lot of work in reformatting and rearranging and it is going to take time, but our goal is to move everything and lose nothing. We want to continue to make these files available for fans for years to come.
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Thank you, Wanderer. I'm not ashamed to admit that I cried after reading your message. I am going to miss her so much and how this played out feels so wrong.

I know she would want me to keep making my armor, as I really hope to see her complete her Argus suit. It's not going to be easy, but none of what we do is. It's painful, time consuming and very few people understand why we even do it. But, being able to share it with many of you is what makes it worth it to me.

So, Chernobyl, if you read this and you want someone to ogle over your latest 3d printing endeavors... I would be tickled pink. <3
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Words won't be able to further do justice beyond your text WandererTJ :cry: :love: (Beautifully written)
As a community, I believe we can all still come together with full transparency in the near future. Communication is key. There is always hope to reach consensus so long as everyone has an ear for it.
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I didn't know Cherry but I do know Adam and it saddens me to see a community that I love and been with for a short three years getting so bad. In the thread mentioned (I quit) above I saw so much disrespect thrown at Chernobyl it was insane. I don't know the story and there is always three sides to every story (his, hers and the truth) but to see higher staff and some members being horrible to each other is why I now understand why people are wanting to leave.

I hope this changes because as much as I love the 405th I really can't be supportive of toxic behavior towards members.

Just my two cents
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I think I am going to finally say my 2 cents.

I have been a member since Adam held hands long ago. I have seen the transition into Art's hands. Now I had only ever spoke to Adam twice and that was in issues. But still helpful, kind, and respectful. Even though I was only a lurker on the site at the time. Now I have yet to actually have conversation with Art, but any issue I have reported he has gotten right on it. He seems like a nice guy from what I see and is running multiple sites so he is busy and has to keep it professional as possible. As in the aspect of Chery. I never had a chance to speak with Chery, just was blessed with all the files made.

Art has given the 405th more structure and organization. Everything is new now. Look at the site, our organization of the files, all our deployments and all. From the chaos of finding files or threads. to just the polished look we have now. I think the structure of the regiments matters because before; wow it was a mess. To bring what the 405th has now is great. We are ever evolving in every aspect; weather it be props, armor, files, techniques, new ways of making old better,whatever it maybe we are excelling.

Do I see eye to eye with actions taken by the new admin team at times. Not all the time. I see members helping and going out of there way and setting things up(events,groups, meetups,etc.) and they are doing it out of love for the 405th. I just don't like hard working people getting brushed off (my opinion.) But the turth is I have lead many groups (gaming,clans,communities,etc.) I myself lead my local cosplay group. It is no easy task and Art is leading what three? I do not think the public eruption of most members was needed. Now a days people play off emotion and do not rationalize. Art kept his cool in a professional manor and kept to terms and policies set in the 405th services. It is sad to see so much unease in the 405th. We are here based off passion, halo, the love of cosplay, and friendships. I myself am sad to see these events, in losing members and some getting banned for their tempers. If we are a community and friends then we must work together and just except what happens in all of our lives and choices.

But in my opinion as a leader of a group as well. If you have issues or concerns. You should PM Art and wait for his response. do not go blasting your emotions for other to play off. I am a 405th member first before I am any other cosplayer. I am going to stay here and see the 405th keep growing in agreement or not with some admin or admin choices. Best of luck in your endeavors and build every one.

Oh and Wanderer. Very well written and thought out. Bravo.
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