Some halo 2 machinima....

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Wooo! a few of my buddies and i used to make machinima... and we're proud to announce that were gonna start again soon! WOO! but until then, i will show you some of our past videos... from DS Studios

1- Halo Walker Texas Ranger

2- Outpost 39 Trailer ( a series in progress.. if you would like to help, PM me!)

And now... for some of our non-machinima videos...

1- Death of The Teddy Bear! (this is the second version... first one is on profile, but it wasnt as good as this one)

2- Sh*t Happens (we made a forest fire during this video....)

if you wanna be in/help with one of our videos... just send me a PM!
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Heh, the machinima wasn't bad. I plan on making some funny shorts with a friend with the Halo 3 replay feature. Unfortunately, the fireworks thing was kinda a bad idea, especially in the type of environment you fellas were in. The snow one is all good, but doing fireworks in a dry feild... well, at least you guys learned somethings from it. Sorry to hear you did that much damage.
yeah... we were about a mile from where we shot the snowy one... the fire wasnt een really visible from where we were for a minute or 2... it REALLY sucked... you're right though, we definitely did learn our lesson :whistle:
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