Some knife forging fun

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Between moving, work major changes, and family medical things, I've been slammed with life for the last couple years and haven't had much time to do anything. I haven't even unboxed all my HALO parts. We had our big Fall knife show in Conroe, TX back just before Thanksgiving, but I had no finished knives for the show.

On the bright side, I was one of the on-site knife forging competitors. The show features around 40 of the Forged in Fire smiths and we had Doug Marcaida down to do the testing and help with judging. Here's a video link for the testing. They forgot to secure the stand so the dummy spun on the first contestant. To keep it fair, they left it loose for all of us. Knives were forged on site from big hoof rasps. We had premade the handles at home so we could finish things out in a total of 2.5 hours. I went with "Houston Astros" colored/stabilized wood, mammoth ivory spacer, heat treated 4130 steel D-guard with some file worked edging.

The cuts look shallow, but were actually 4-6" deep into the gel dummy. It was neat to check out the dummy afterwards. I totally crushed the competition and got one of the coolest "trophies" I've ever received!

The knives were auctioned off for a military PTSD and family support charity afterwards.

Youtube link:

file knife.jpgtex knife 2.jpgtex knife 3.jpgtex knife 4.jpgtex knife 5.jpgbig tex.jpg
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