Some pepakura Ive been working on

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While I wasnt allowed to log in for a week Ive been working on some pepakura armour. Only the torso is fully resined and working, too much snow outside to do any other pieces. So im just making them in prep.
Working on the helmat next.

Oh the camera has too much of a glare, the paint is much darker than that, and the torso looks fine, its just that I couldnt find an angle to take a picture of it.


Second set of pics.

Im going to go onto the helmat next, then the apendages but before I do that I need to ask some questions.
1.Where would be the best way to fog-proof it? I mean the best way to circulate air.
2.Is it possible to buy some gold visor and layer on some plastic wrap, or perhaps just melt some fine layer of glue on it for that layer effect? I dont wanna buy two, and I cant order that sticker online.

That is all.

One last note: Those slits on the back of the boots are so I can insert my shoes into them. The armour was scaled improperly and instead of redoing everything I just improvise and change some things. The crotch I added a back piece, the torso has strips on the arm to make it longer, the boots get my big shoes in them, the shoulders are fine, the helmat is going to have a hinge, the thigh is going to have elongated strip lengthwise, and ect. It will look natural when im done.
But terribly sorry about the torso look, it looks god awful from the pictures, but the coloring is fine just to say.
Im also going to glaze and sand everything afterwards to give it that molded look, but does glaze come clear? Because I dont wish to repaint everything over again.
Also is there a simple way to give that MC look? I rather not buy all those Adam's paint, is there a easier way to give it that light olive green look?
ANOTHER note. Does walmart have glaze? I wanna buy all the glaze and everything I need in one go, and thanks Frost for that hot glue Idea, im going to use hot glue for my helmet, so its easier to apply and I dont drip resin everywhere. Im going to fiberglass the torso since thats all I really care about fiberglassing, and multiple times resin'ing the crotch, plastidipping the bottom of the boots for grip, the gauntlets are simple snow gloves.
Is that printer paper or cardstock, looks thin, but then again your torso looks fine so it cant be printer paper...looks good.

But why is everything inside out? I see fold lines on the feet on the inside...did you fold them backwards?
The pictures show you folded them wrong, anyways, you made a left boot a right boot, just switch them and your fine.

You did everything else fine though. I saw in one picture a mountain fold was folded valley, thats why your boot is inside out.
It doesn't look like it's inside out, I should know... I just built the right boot. :D

Of course, you might be right, AoB.
Well I changed a few things, fiber glassed the crotch and chest, and painted it diffrently. Applied some of that clear paint.
I changed quite a bit, im going to finish cutting away the fiberglass, and thats it.
Finish the helm, then the gloves, then the arms and legs, paint, resin, and im done.
Also im going to do that hot glue method you said AoB for the helmat, no fiberglass there, just hot glue.
I'd still resin the outside of the helmet though, so you can sand it after hot gluring the inside, sanding the outside will make the helmet look smoother in some areas.
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