Some questions about armor-need answers

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yes you might have seen the last topic I needed imgs for armor. If you did, I got it to work. However, the only piece I need numbering on is the helmet, which, unfortunately, is the only one I'm printing that won't work with numbers.Yeah you can guess what I'm asking. Somebody please post an img of the helmet with the numbers on it so I can finish my master chief costume so I can use it for a mansion party & halloween!!!! :please: :please: :please: :please: :please:

Never mind I dont need that any more...

However, there are questions that need answering:

-I'm using cardboard-what kind of materials can I put on my armor to make sure I dont have to run away like a little girl & sit under a tree for 5 hours because it's raining?

-Which do I do first: fiberglassing or painting?

Where can I get CHEAP materials for the visor?

-My head doesn't fit the hole. Where can I trim until it fits?


That won't work no matter how many things I try with that, that's why I need the image. I'll print it out like that or I'll trace it if I really get desperate.

neither. And my dad won't let me do anything to the computer & pepakura's failing AGAIN. So I absolutely can't get to the pepakura img myself.
You can at least read JPEGs right? If so I'll go ahead and convert the bitmap files in the pack to JPEGs and upload them.

Yeah I know... but I still need to construct
-thigh pieces
-shoulder armor

everything else is going good

seriously thanx like 50 million times
Theres a sticky in the Molded armor section of the forums about how to make the double visor and where to order the parts. I will not link it, you must find it young one. It is stickied at the top of the page.

Something a little LESS expensive I know what my dad will do if i get all that **** with his credit card.
And I keep screwing up my shoulder armor since, as of now, nothing will print with number
& the crotchpiece, gloves, leg, & helmet armor aren't done. I can't get any of the arm pieces right.
Sigma-LS said:

Um, I was building the helmet and so far its great! BUT one thing, MC_Helmet_015.jpg is TOO big. Can any one scale it please!!! It is an attachment to the head and top visor piece, I was putting it on and it was TOO wide and just too large. Other then this piece these JPGs really helped thanks Sigma-LS
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