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I haven't even really finished any of my armor yet (Working on high detail models HERE), but I wanted to ask some questions and let there be plenty of time for some answers.

1. What color should my armor be?
I'm trying to choose what color(s) to make my armor, but can't decided. Though you guys could help. :)

Choice 1: MC Green
Pretty obvious, should I make it the standard MC green. This is the most recognizable color, and most people are accustomed to it.

Choice 2: Green-ish Tan
I was thinking more of the tan-ish color that was present in the pre-release renders. This was the color that was out before the standard green was there

Choice 3: Dark Green and White
I was thinking this color because these are my school colors. Then I would add the school logo on the shoulder. This is because I *MIGHT* be able to wear it to school on "Spirit Days".

Choice 4: Red, White, and Blue.
Patriotic. Just though people might think it was kind of funny. :)

2. What to do for the boots.

1. Wear the boot over your shoe.
With this option, you wouldn't have a bottom of your boot. The boot would kind of hang on top of your shoe, and your shoe would be the thing touching the ground.

2. Wear your shoe in the boot.
With this you would wear your shoe inside the boot, and teh fiberglassed bottom part of the boot would be touching the ground. It would probably wear away very quickly, or just break.

3. Take the tread from a large boot, or something rubber.
For this, I would take the tread from a VERY large boot or large piece of rubber, and somehow affix it to the bottom of the boot.

4. Make the tread in Pepakura.
With this I would make a 3D model of the tread, and make it in Pepakura. Then I would use fiberglass and bondo to smooth it out, make a negative mold, then mold it in some type of rubber. (My favorite, but it probably won't happen)

3. What to do for armor straps.

1. Buckles
Like the ones on backpacks and such.

2. Velcro
Pretty obvious

3. Elastic
Stretchy bands of some sort
So for paint, I voted "Green-ish Tan." I think it's a better route to go than straight green. Honestly though, I think Adam hit the nail on the head with the Oregano. I know everyone says that, but it's a near perfect balance, in my opinion. It looks really green in this picture, but looks very tan with the same paint it this one. (P.S. I've run into some "camo" themed spray paint that looked like it would work really well.)

For the boots, I voted "Other," and here's my idea. I was going to do something similar to the boot-tread idea, I just wasn't going to use a boot tread. I planned on finding some kind of flexible rubber to affix the two boot pieces to (so they would first of all, stay in place) and wear a shoe (along with some kind of "over boot," probably homemade) inside that.

For the fasteners, I also chose "Other" because I personally plan on using a large mix of buckles, buttons, and velcro as necessary.
I figure, since I'm going to make my armor so it fits flush and securely to myself, that I'd use these to fasten the armor together and hold it to my body. Draw Latches

This is why I want to use these...

Notice the black part on the back of the thigh.

Here is a site with more info about these fasteners. Southco

Still may need to make some system to make sure the armor pieces don't move around on the undersuit though.

I voted MC green, just cause it's a good base color, and the fact that I'm a big woods/ recreational paintball guy and I'd like it better. That, or I'd go with some other color that I'd personally like, or something.

I like the idea of using the Boot as an actual Boot, and then adding Tread to it. It's similar to the "Over-boot", but the over boot would wiggle and would obviously not be the same piece as the boot, and I wouldn't like the way it looked at all.

Even if you used just bare-bottom fiberglass...if it didnt break, it would have absolutely no'd slip on almost every surface you might stand on..
That's why I liked the idea of using tread that you would add to the bottom... It'd make it easier to walk around in and It'd look awesome..... And the inch or two would make you closer to MC height :p

Buckles, or something strong is the best way to go, IMO. That's also taking into account that there'd be a good, strong undersuit to attach to, like I plan on using.

I thing this (the black in the middle ) is the best for attaching end perfect fitting of the suit. It would be easy to paint it in the suits color. Butt only if you sand it really hard in order to lose his varnish end make it more friendly to the paint. Otherwise the paint will make a flake. End afterwards will start peeling revealing the black shiny thing.
I also voted MC green! Old time classic value ha ha! :D

Now for the boots hhhmmm! Well it is totally a crazy stupid idea :blink: but it may be helpful :jam: is to take an old per of thick socks (probably black) end were them above your shoes. Then take the boot armor pieces end stick some cloth straps with a super glue exactly in the right critical spots on the inside of the armor. Then you can stitch those cloth straps on the socks.
Your 3 piece pepakura boots model will be the best for it because you can use end the latches (see the pictures).
Take some black mat cloth end crumple it. Then glue its edgings between the heal armor piece end sole armor piece. Stitch it also to the sock. Its necessary otherwise it will pomp out. I thing it will give the best underarmor result :laughing: !!

Bay the way! get to work boy! (i am joking!! :D )
end finish those damn high detail suit-untersuit pepakura files i cant wait !!! :pray:
I guess we all cant wait ;)
23Magnum said:
Hmmm...this idea seems very familiar... :cautious: ... :looks up to my own previous post: :rolleyes

You gave me the idea man!!! :D
Ha ha !!! grate minds think alike :cool:
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I voted for standard stuff except for the boot I think what I'm gonna do is make a tread for the boot but mount a shoe to the inside of it so the shoe is perminantly in the boot using velcro and spray foam or foam padding wiuld work the best so you would be able to wear your boots without worrying about the bottom edges wearing or cracking mabey I will take it to a shoemaker and have the bottom custom built for me.
Brokenchord said:
grate minds think alike :cool:
Very true...

You guys do realize this thread is a couple months dead right? Which I don't think will be a problem as long as we stay on topic like we are.
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