some ?s on Pepakura


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Hi i had some questions on Pepakura. i wanted to know if the pecies one of them prints on one page and if so how many pages would a wast if iam just making and helemet. Thanks for the help!

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Pepakura prints several pieces per 1 sheet.
You can arrange the pieces to fit the pages as you see fit.
Im not at home at the moment so i cant hit ya up with any estimate of pages for a helm.
If you wanted to know just download pep. then get some helm files from the database.


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So when iam putting he pecies in the boxes with the lines a round aim thats a page. how do i scale my helemet before i print so it will fit on my head and how do i know differnce between moutain and valley fold?


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dots and dashes mean fold up, and dashes mean fold down (sometimes it the other way around, but you figure it out pretty quickly), you set the scale by specifying the height, in centimetres, of the finished part


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But when iam positing the peices on thing with the boxes is that a page iam put i pic showing what i mean


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Xero said:
how do i know which peices connect to what

damnit dude..... there are numbers on the edges..... so u can fold and glue it together....
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I got mine to fit on 17 pages. The assembled helmet may need some trimming around the hole where you put your head in depending how fat your head is
(at least i needed to).
And NZ-TK i think you have it backwards, dot dash lines are valley and dots are mountains.


shadow: No need to be mean.

The edge IDs are numbers that have the same number on another edge. So if one edge had 53 on it and another piece had an edge with 53 on it, you would connect them.

I hope this helps. Also, Falling_Jihad, NZ-TK had it right, he just worded it differently. So it could have been either way.