Somebody have underhelmet foam pattern?

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Bevbor it looks like the pattern you have in the picture would work fine. All you would need to do is scale it to fit your helm. I have not seen any pattern on the site myself. Good luck.

Sean Bradley

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It's a big world, not everybody speaks your language guys..

He made a pretty good attempt, better than I could at speaking ANY foriegn language... Quit teasing him.


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who cares about the language as long as he gets the point across. besides that looks like a good pattern, think I might use it.


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Somebody please, write my question in proper English here!
Dont laugh, I want to learn, just help me, correct my mistakes and point out them.
dar gracias!


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"May someone cut out the pattern provided below in foam?"

...At least I think that's what you meant...


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To me it seems like he is asking "Does anyone have the patern for the padding inside the helmet? Does it look like the pattern posted?"


Hola, bevbor, it is like the opposite for me. I am having trouble learning spanish... Pattern looks good!
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