Songs Backwards-Creepy,Funny,Weird

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OH here's to my sweet satan...The one who's little path would make me sad, who's power is satan! Ohhhhh...he'll give those with him 6-6-6; there was a little toooooooolshed where he made us suffer, oh sad satan!

(Stairway to heaven backwards)
Ya, thats kinda weird. I guess Stairway to Heaven backwards is stairway to, well the opposite of heaven. :shock:
Redsleighdown said:
Very few "backwards messages" are intentional. And If you can't make out what is said without the subtitles, its probably bogus.

Here's a few of each:
I stoped it and loked at the comments i never got to the end because every one kept talking about screamers dang i hate those things
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