Sorry I suppose.

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You may have already seen the 9/11 pic I posted up and might have been offended. Well you know what? So what?
I didnt mean anything harsh with it, I meant that the religious freaks couldnt do blank for themselves so they had to be major motherblankers by trying to bring America down.
But some of these comments were pretty attrocious.

I have a friend who died in 9/11, thanks for making me upset now and ruining my day because of your gay anti american thinking, thanks alot for everything, I'd like to see how you feel when someone starts making motivational pictures of your family/friends dying.

Someone get a mod in here and delete this ****. Ban at will. This is poor taste.

hey assholes 1. 4 family members died in 9/11 2. messing with a painting of jesus at the last supper and having him die........ you guys discust me someone get a mod here at once!

Disgust, not discust.


I understand its a hot topic after so many years, but the truth of the matter is. I DIDNT BOMB THOSE BUILDINGS, I DIDNT KILL ANYBODY, AND I WAS ONLY 9 WHEN THIS HAPPENED.
I was just posting a joke, and I mean while I was googling destruction, none of you would have reacted so acidly to a picture of some other destroyed village or whatnot would you? A picture isnt going to bring more death, maybe memories, but you know something? YOUR NOT SUPPOSED TO FORGET.

So I thank Doom for being un-childish about this, at least he closed the topic without going all prissy and self-righteous about it like you guys did. "Our friends and family died!!!" Well you know what? Some of my bloody friends and family died as well. I am furious but im not going away melting every god blank person that decides to put a picture of it. Why dont we ban people from using clock pictures since time kills off most of your family. Or why not cupcake pictures for that darn fatness people keeping blanking about.

The fact is, its fine to be angry, but I DIDNT DO IT! SO WHY ARE YOU GETTING MAD AT ME?

Please do not close this until a few people respond, just so everyone is able to see this, and everyone understands im not going to take their bullblank.

That is all.
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i find it funny how someone who responded to that picture said.

"thats just messed up man"
Yet his sig is
"Give a man fire, and he'll be warm for a day, light a man on fire, and he'll be warm the rest of his life" -Staff Sgt. Timothy A. Breen

i must agree with you. if anything you made an anti terrorism statement. the internet is full of stoopid ppl.
Your "apology" is structured much more like a backhanded compliment.

It would be respectful and mature of you to drop this and vice-versa otherwise.
I can see where things went wrong. You wanted a picture for destruction, and just so happened to get one of the twin towers.

Its a sore subject among all of us americans, especially the ones who were deeply affected. Something with deep emotional scars.

I know you didn't mean it in an offensive way, but yet it still angered some people. Thanks for at least appologizing for it though.

The last supper pic that the other guys posted though, is just disrespectful and i'm not even christian. Thats ban-material.

It was just a mistake, you appologized, and we'll all move on. simple as that. And as sigma said, we'll all just drop it
Sigma-LS said:
Your "apology" is structured much more like a backhanded compliment.

It would be respectful and mature of you to drop this and vice-versa otherwise.

I agree with Sigma, It's best just to drop it. It was a mistake and nothing more needs to come from it.

You've got your few reply's so I am locking this now before it turns into a large flame war :/ .

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