Sorry if wrong place, but could use some guidance.

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Trying to surmise the gist of my situation: Limited income from disability, apartment living, EVA foam way too expensive so I'm using cardboard...
I've worked with EVA foam in the past, but due to the expense I've never been able to make enough to learn from. So I found a website where I can get straight cardboard sheets and busted out my crafting again.
I've used acrylic caulk/spackle on EVA in the past as a "poor man's bondo" but never resin/resin+fiberglass because: situation.

I thought I would have luck with blue shop towels and wood glue (tearing the towels to feather the edges, glue to stiffen everything) but that process is proving troublesome. I don't know, maybe I'm not doing it right since it's the first time I'm using the method.

Ultimately right now I'm doubting myself before I've even properly begun and could use some guidance. Thanks.
What's the trouble you're having with the paper towels? In one of my earlier props I used newspaper + wood glue and it worked out well enough, but you may have to lightly water down the glue if it isn't getting absorved enough.
I think that that is my problem after I took a break. I'm using straight up elmer's carpenter's glue and I didn't dilute it first. Tomorrow I'm going to go with round two except adding a little bit of water. Thanks for the reply :D
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