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    Name: OutlantaCon
    Date: May 12-14
    Location: Atlanta, GA
    Events: Gaming, Cosplay, Match Game, Shows, Film Festival, Dealers, Art Shows.

    Name: Tidewater Comicon
    Date: May 13-14
    Location: Virginia Beach, VA
    Events: Panels, Cosplay and Cosplay Contest, Exhibitors, Dealers, Artists, Guests.

    Name: JAB Con
    Date: May 13
    Location: Lebanon, TN
    Events: Anime, Live Art Contest, Dance, Cosmic Maidens Performance, Aikido Demonstration, Pokemon TCG Tournament, TT Gaming, Dealer, Cosplay and Cosplay Contest.

    Name: MegaCon Orlando
    Date: May 25-28
    Location: Orlando, FL
    Events: Comics, Sci Fi, Horror, Anime, Gaming, Celebrities, Artists, Cosplay and Cosplay Contests, Exhibits, Vendors, Photo-Ops

    Name: Arkansas Anime Festival
    Date: May 26-28
    Location: River Valley, AR
    Events: Guests, Dealers, Panels, Artists, Anime, Comics, Gaming, Cosplay and Cosplay Contests.

    Name: MobiCon
    Date: May 26-28
    Location: Mobile, AL
    Events: During the day, the Merchant Room is open for our members to shop for games, collectables, memorabilia, and more. Our Art Show and Artist alley provide space for local and national artists to display and sell their work. There are guests to meet, discussion panels to attend and debate in, and demonstrations to watch. A designated staffed KidCon area is setup just for the children in our community to come take part in crafts and play games. The night hours feature structured programming and games so our guest can socialize, interact with each other and make new friends. Mobicon's Mobile Comic Con also co-host sanctioned after parties in select establishments in the Downtown area. There is also various Gaming areas open 24 hours throughout the weekend.

    Name: Vandalia-Con
    Date: May 26-28
    Location: Parkersburg, WV
    Events: Steam Punk
    • Vandalia's Got Talent
    • Professor Bubblemaker's Bubble Ballet
    • Quickdraw Competition
    • Makers Display and Competition
    • Ministry of Silly Walks Olympics
    • Talk of the Tavern Podcast
    Featured Artists
    • E.G. Gaddess
    • Mo Moeller
    • Rebecca Baygents Turk
    • Jade Myers
    • Gandersnitch the Goblin
    • Captain Lovelock
    • Karnevil
    • Travis Sivart
    • Professor Bubblemaker
    Musical Guests
    • The Dead Flowers
    • Steam~or~ The Specters of the Knox Mill
    • Costume Design Seminar by Rebecca Baygents Turk
    • Beyond Cosplay: Living Your Character
    • Superhuman: Stories of Houdini
    • Origami Jumping Frogs with Mark Twain
    • Make It and Take It Children's Crafting Class
    • Children's Science Class
    • Victorian Archeology
    • Victorian Photography II
    • Arson's Whip Demo
    • Creating a Steampunk Opera
    • How Victorian Science Gave Birth to Steampunk
    • Where's the Gothic Horror in Steampunk?
    • Cosplay Etiquette
    • When Your Cosplay Doesn't Match Your Body Type
    • Creating a Card Game
    • STOP! Collaborate & Listen!
    • Graveyard Archeology
    • Late Night Stories with Mr. Cat
    Special Ticket Events
    • Captain's Tea Party
    • Goblin Tea Party
    • Fabulous Flea Circus
    • Steampunk Storytime with Captain Lovelock
    • Professor Phineas's Hypnotic Adventures
    • Karnevil Sideshow

    Name: Norfork Anime
    Date: May 26-28
    Location: Norfork, VA
    Events: Japanese Culture, Anime, Panels, Cosplay and Cosplay Contests, Exhibitors, Dealers, Artists, Manga, Music, J-Pop.


    Name: ConCarolinas
    Date: June 2-4
    Location: Concord, NC
    Events: Art Shows, Costume Contests, Short Film Festival, Dealers, Gaming.

    Name: Walker Stalker
    Date: June 3-4
    Location: Nashville, TN
    Events: Zombies......Zombies......Zombies.....need I say more?

    Name: Anime Festival Orlando
    Date: June 9-11
    Location: Orlando, FL
    Events: Anime, Interactive Gaming, Cosplay and Cosplay Contests, Dance Events, Fan Events and Panels, Game-show Theater, TT Gaming, Guests, Celebrities.

    Name: Anime-Mid Atlantic
    Date: June 16-18
    Location: Chesepeake, VA
    Events: Pose off, Cosplay Fashion Show, AMV, Karaoke, Masquerade, Hall Contest, Video Gaming, TT Gaming, Card Tournament, Art Shows, Cosplay Lip Sync, Guests, Exhibitors, Artists, Alley, Panels.

    Name: HerosCon
    Date: June 16-18
    Location: Charlotte, NC
    Events: Guests, Exhibitors, Vendors, Comics, Artist and Artists Alley, Cosplay.

    Name: HyperCon
    Date: June 16-18
    Location: Nashville, TN
    Events: Cosplay and Cosplay Contests, Panels, Special Events, Guests, Dealers, Vendors

    Name: HamaCon
    Date: June 23-25
    Location: Huntsville, AL
    Events: Cosplay and Cosplay Contests, AMV Contests, Anime Viewing, HamaCon Idols LIVE, Video Gaming, TT Gaming, Sailor Moon Ball, American Red Cross Blood Drive, Dealers, Artists, Artists Alley.

    Name: Fan Boy EXPO
    Date: June 23-25
    Location: Knoxville, TN
    Events: Celebrities, Guests, Cosplay and Cosplay Contests, Dealers, Vendors, Artists and Artists Alley.

    Name: MississippiCon
    Date: June 24-25
    Location: Jackson, MS
    Events: Guests, Vendors, Exhibitors, Panels, Cosplay and Cosplay Contests.

    Name: DaisukiCon
    Date: June 26-28
    Location: Chattanooga, TN
    Events: Cosplay Contests, Vendors & Artists, Dances Each Night, Formal Dance, Panels & Workshops, Gaming Tournaments, Video Gaming, Guests, Blood and Food Drive.

    Name: Magic City Con
    Date: June 30 - July 2
    Location: Birmingham, AL


    Name: Anime Blues Con
    Date: July 7-9
    Location: Memphis, TN
    Events: Panels, Formal Ball, Sat Night Dancing, Cosplay and Cosplay Contest, Analog Gaming, Video Gaming, Artists Alley, Dealers, 21+ Events.

    Name: GenCon
    Date: July 8-9
    Location: Fredericksburg, VA
    Events: Tournaments, BYOC (Bring your own computer) Competition, TT Gaming, VR Gaming, Arcade Gaming, Vendors, Cosplay and Cosplay Contests, Exhibitors, Panels.

    Name: Congregate4/DeepSouthCon 55
    Date: July 14-16
    Location: High Point, NC
    Events: ConGregate is a completely volunteer run, science fiction and fantasy convention. We host a fair amount of interactive programming, in addition to traditional programming like panel discussions, gaming, concerts, a costume contest and a charity auction. This allows the fans an opportunity to interact directly with the guests and other fans.

    Name: Florida SuperCon
    Date: July 27-30
    Location: Fort Lauderdale, FL
    Events: Find the best in Comic Books, Media Guests, Anime, Animation, Video Games, Fantasy, Sci-Fi and Pop Culture in South Florida. Florida Supercon is 4 days of fun featuring celebrity guests, comic book creators, voice actors, industry guests, cosplayers, artists, writers, panels, Q&A’s, films & shorts, costume & cosplay contests, vendors, parties, anime, workshops, video gaming and more!

    Name: Tampa Bay Con
    Date: July 28-30
    Location: Tampa Bay, FL
    Events: Guests, Artists, Celebrities, Cosplay and Cosplay Contests, Vendors, Exhibitors, Panels, Performers.

    Name: FandonFest
    Date: July 28-30
    Location: Louisville, KY
    Events: Guests, Exhibitions, Cosplay and Cosplay Contests, Gaming, Media Guests and Cerlbrities, Panels, Photo OPs, Vendors.

    Name: Ashville ARC
    Date: July 29
    Location, Ashville, NC
    Events: Guests, Artists, Panels, Vendors, Exhibitions, Cosplay and Cosplay Contests.

    Name: WyvaCon
    Date: July 29
    Location: Wythevill, VA
    Events: Artists, authors, Art Auction, Guests, Vendors, Dealers, Cosplay and Cosplay Contest, Fundraising w/ the 501st, Panels.


    Name: MetroCon
    Date: August 3-6
    Location: Tampa, FL
    Events: Anime Human Chess Match, Masquerade, Metro Star Party, Fire Show, Rhythm City Chronicles, Night Life, Raves, Costume Contests, AMV Contest, Anime Idol, Lip Sync Battle, Art Contest, Video & TT Gaming, Panels, Workshops, Merchants

    Name: GlitchCon
    Date: August 4-6
    Location: Springdale,AR
    Events: Guest, Performers, Cosplay and Cosplay Guests.

    Name: AkaiCon
    Date: August 4-7
    Location: Nashville, TN
    Rockets fly. Wormholes loop. Engines blaze. Let’s blast off to the fifth realm.

    AkaiCon: The Fifth Realm is underway!

    We return home to the Millennium Maxwell House Hotel to bring you Nashville’s premiere anime convention. August 4th through 6th of 2017.

    We strive to offer everyone a weekend getaway with people they consider family and friends! We want everyone to feel a togetherness with others in the community and that they are not alone. We will offer a place for all to come and be themselves, or someone else for the weekend. We are a family, a community, and we will do everything in our power to make sure your weekend is full of fun, laughs, excitement, and togetherness.

    Name: Pirate Invasion
    Date: August 11-12
    Location: Beaufort, NC
    Events: For two full days, you can step back in time with the sights and sounds of the 17th century as Beaufort comes alive with over a hundred pirate and militia re-enactors as they overrun the town. Enjoy historical demonstrations such as sword fighting, cannon firing and see blackpowder weapons displays, a mock trial and hanging and so much more.

    There will be activities for everyone young and old to enjoy throughout town, such as musical entertainment, magic shows, costume contest, storytelling, period encampments and vendors. With wide eyes and amazement, aspiring young pirates will enjoy the spontaneous shenanigans as the nefarious characters roam the streets and shops, engaging in mock battles, bursting into song, posing for pictures.

    Name: Comic City Con

    Date: August 19-20
    Location: Jackson, TN
    Events: Anime, Wrestling Event, Media Guests, Cosplay and Cosplay Guests, Kids Area.

    Name: Charlotte ComiCon
    Date: August 20
    Location: Charlotte, NC
    Events: Pop Culture, Comics and Collectibles, Dealers, Guests, Cosplay and Cosplay Contest.

    Name: Khan-Con
    Date: August 12
    Location: Woodland, VA
    Events: Khan-Con is a family-friendly convention in Woodlawn, Virginia for geeks of all ages. Our interests include sci-fi, comics, gaming, fantasy, zombies, superheroes, and FX makeup. The convention is also a fundraiser for Jack Sullivan, a little boy battling Duchenne muscular dystrophy.


    Name: DragonCon
    Date: September 1-4
    Location: Atlanta, GA
    Events: Performers, Guests, Celebrities, Comic and Pop Artists, Art Shows, Vendors, Fan Tracks, Gaming, Workshops, Panels, Contests, Walk of Fame, Cosplay and Cosplay Parade.

    Name: NADWCon

    Date: September 1-4
    Location: New Orleans, LA
    Events: The North American Discworld Convention, like the Disc itself, contains a treasure trove of events and personalities. If you've never been to a con before (Discworld or otherwise) you'll find a friendly and vibrant crowd of Discworld fans here to welcome you. You'll meet people from across the country and around the world - all here to celebrate the Discworld and the amazing adventures we've all enjoyed.

    We've got lots of events in store including: the traditional Gala banquet, the always-impressive Maskerade, the Charity Auction and the Art Show! Don't forget the amazing wares from astounding vendors and special events and panels with our invited guests. All guilds are welcome, so if you fancy yourself as an artificer, a seamstress, an assassin or a clown, you'll be sure to be in good company. And this is only the start!

    We’re enjoying the endeavors of the Witches this time, which means all their travels and all the different species they’ve met, including but not limited to: Feegles, Trolls, Dwarves, Seamstresses, Anthropomorphic Personifications, Wizards, and Vampires. The only limit is your imagination. If you don't feel like dressing the part, that's perfectly okay too. Should you change your mind, Chaos Costuming will be available to help you create a last-minute marvel.

    Name: Wizard World Nashville
    Date: September 8-10
    Location: Nashville, TN
    Events: Guests, Celebrities, Autographs and Photo OPs, Cosplay guests and Cosplay Contests, Artists Alley, Vendors, Workshops, Video Games, Anime, Live Entertainment, Kids Area, Show Vehicles, Fan Groups.

    Name: Space Coast Comic Con
    Date: September 8-10
    Location: Cocoa, FL
    Events: Comic Artists, CosPlayers, Actors Voice and Film Production, Special Guests, Writers, Panels, TT and Video Gaming, Vendors, Cosplay Contests.


    Name: Animte
    Date: October 6-8
    Location: Miami, FL
    Events: Video and TT Gaming, Guests, Exhibitions, Cosplay and Cosplay Contests, Performances, Fan Groups, Panels.


    Name: Tallahassee Comic Con
    Location: Tallahassee, FL
    Date: Dec 2-3
    Events: Artists Alley, Cosplay and Cosplay Contests, Dealer Room, Fan Panels w/ Free Autograps, Guest Panels, Minatuer Games, Pick-up Games, RPGs, Video Games.

    Name: Jekyll Comic Con & Hyde Horror Alley
    Location: Jekyll Island, GA
    Date: Dec 9-10
    Events: Due to the overwhelming success of the last few years, Jekyll Comic Con is happy to announce that Southeast Georgia's Premiere Island Event will again be two days this year! Jekyll Comic Con 2017 will be at the Jekyll Island Convention Center, and is a celebration of everything comic, fantasy, sci-fi, anime, and gaming. Family-friendly and located on what is considered one of the most beautiful island destinations in the U.S., Jekyll Comic Con will, once again, host some of the top vendors, artists, and celebrities in the world of comics. We will be hosting panels, workshops, gaming tournaments, and live entertainment for all ages.
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