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Discussion in 'Southwest Regiment' started by Masterchief0624, Feb 17, 2015.

  1. Masterchief0624


    Hello Spartans,

    Please note that we have opened a FB page for your regiment, please share the page and try to get the word out there. Primary conversations/decisions will take place here not on the FB page. The page is to serve to promote the 405th and the southwest regiment.

    The coverpage/logo is temporary until you have selected your logo for this regiment.

    If you need any help joining the regiment please message us.

    Thank you.
  2. Termhn


    I just requested access; I'm Gray Olson.
  3. Masterchief0624


    yup, got you added :)
  4. Bobby Boucher

    Bobby Boucher

  5. MyrHerder


    Brian Alden requesting to join.
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  6. Masterchief0624


    You've been added, :)
  7. MyrHerder


    Question: can outsiders view these FB posts? I clicked the link on this thread and my browser went straight to a request for membership.
  8. Masterchief0624


    No, the page is a closed page so only members that reside in states that make up the southwest can join and discuss.
  9. MyrHerder


    Okay. I was under the impression that closed discussions happened here on the forums, and the FB page was for publicity.
  10. Masterchief0624


    That's the primary reason. There is a thread on there about the flag (which I see you're a part of) and we're trying to direct that conversation here. I posted a link to the thread about the flag on the 405th so any official business gets taken care of here.
  11. WandererTJ


    Tanner Ansgeirr Jones, requested to join!

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