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Southwest Regiment Members

Discussion in 'Southwest Regiment' started by Masterchief0624, Feb 16, 2015.

  1. Masterchief0624


    Hello All,

    We just wanted to get a head count of who is still active in this regiment. Please just reply and possibly put in any thoughts on how we could help this regiment. Does anyone know if a FB page has been open yet? I remember there was one and now there isn't

    Thank you :)
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  2. Termhn


    I'm still active... not sure about a facebook group, I've just been posting in the overall 405th one.
  3. MyrHerder


    I'm active. Haven't seen a FB page yet. I like this forum being used to post SW events, and the main forum for everything else. I would rather see event posting continue here even if a FB page is created please.
  4. sarlume


    I'm still here, too. I haven't seen a FB page yet since the Central one from before the change. I don't have any particular thoughts about helping the regiment in particular (yet), but has there been a regiment-specific logo created? Hoping to put one on my armor when I can. :)
  5. MyrHerder


    I second this. Maybe we need to start a logo thread and start bouncing ideas around. Then we can get admin input before putting too much effort into it.
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  6. Termhn


    I'm down. I could definitely put some effort into making some different options for a logo.
  7. Ashuraa

    Ashuraa Judicial Officer Division Staff 405th Regiment Officer

    We will gladly give you input if you wish. Hopefully we can get more of you all up and running. There are a lot of things in the works for the 405th as a whole. So you all want to keep your eyes here on the board. As far as using Facebook, in all honesty, the more you can do here on the forums, the better. It will bring more people into your regiment, and the more active your forum shows, the better too. Things can also be Googled, searched, and found here on the forums, unlike on facebook.
  8. MyrHerder


    Facebook can be a good place to announce regiment appearances and upload photos afterwords (basically PR), but planning and coordination needs to happen here.
  9. Masterchief0624


    Thats our goal :)

    We want to use FB to reach out to other recruits/soldiers and welcome them to the 405th by directing them to the forum. The FB page sole purpose is to help spread the word that there are more people in their regions that love to cosplay.

    I also wanted to add that if anyone that wants to join the regiment and has not been able to please send me a message and we'll add you.
  10. BryZad


    Thanks to Masterchief0624 I am now accepted to the regiment and i am active
  11. WandererTJ


    I still function!!!
    Spartan S-128, Active
    My build is back on hold though....

    Good news: Totally got LASIK!
    Bad news: Lost my job
    Good news: Exercising 5 days a week and I'm getting ripped; I will be a spartan with or without armor.
    Bad news: with my body dimensions changing, I'm avoiding making my mannequin

    For anyone curious, here's my 5-day workout spread: http://www.jefit.com/members/user-workout-routine/?xid=2887452
    The details within that routine should continue to update as I change things to it.

    If anyone needs any dieting or weight loss tips, start here: www.tinyurl.com/LoseWeightENGR/
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  12. MyrHerder


    Did you know there's a fitness thread here on the forums? Check it out! Sorry i don't have the link- posting from my phone.
  13. Masterchief0624


    I need a headcount of who is still active. Please reply to this thread. Message me if you need to be enlisted.
  14. Miller925


    Sm925- status: Active
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  15. Zero Prime

    Zero Prime

    Spartan Z-001, Status- Active

    I'm still around, although just busy.
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  16. Drakku


    Attempting to be forum-active again so RTX plans don't step on any toes this time.. :|
  17. GhstFenix


    Spartan G-025 Status- ACTIVE
  18. boomshakra


    Active - hoping to have a new build soon as well :)
  19. Nish72


    I'm active :)
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  20. BryZad


    Putting my build into high gear also
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  21. Zero 071

    Zero 071

    Active and helping several build a team of spartans!
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  22. Aramoorn


    Active! Just recently moved from the Mountain Regiment to Texas. Thank you all for the warm welcome. I've been inactive due to rural Texas having some internet availability issues. All fixed now. Looking forward to finishing my suit at last. I've made suits for my 3 kids and various weapons and sculptures. I'll be posting new pics soon. Gotta find my camera card. Working on a Warrior set. :)
  23. MyrHerder


    Awesome- a cosplay family. I love it. Welcome to the fold.
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  24. Underdog410


    Still here
  25. KayPickle


    Still here! Finally finished up my build, and I'm pretty excited about it!

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