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Spartan 058 incoming! -or- A dude making Linda Armor (Extremely Pic-Heavy)

Discussion in 'Halo Costumes and Armor' started by Charlie13, Jun 17, 2017.

  1. Charlie13


    Hi there everyone!
    Most of you might not know me since Im registered "forever" but dont really post much about my projects around here. ANYWAY, as a Veteran in Halo and foam-armor I decided do start my 3rd Halo suit. (Yeah thats right Ive come a long way ^^'. pics of my older projects below. )
    First foam suit: Gen2 Multiplayer
    2nd suit. Halo2-Anniversary with Hermes Helmet. Helmet cast- Armor freehand foam build.

    Since Halo5 happened, I realy liked the design of Lindas armor. Also the guys and girls around the European Division liked the idea of doing a blue team group, since we already have Chief and Fred.
    Thats were I more or less decided to do Linda as my next costume.

    Ill try to keep this thread as updated as I can, since Forums and I aren't necessarily best freinds in terms of usabillty (lol)
    Anyway, have fun, and feel free to ask me stuff! :D
  2. Charlie13


    Ok I started off a while ago and modeled a sniper rifle to go with the costume.
    I still need to print some parts, but thats what I cranked out recently so far.
    Still needs the bipod and carry-handle as you can see. :3
    As for the torso, (and overall armor later on) ill use a mix of pep-based and freehandes EVA + 3d-modeled and printed details(Details have been smoothed and primed already.)
  3. ReClaimer8015


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  4. CommanderPalmer


    Hell yeah! :D
    Following the build closely and totally not molesting your for more pictures, muahahaha! :D

    But wow, somehow I had no idea you made that red Spartan in the past! O_O I remember seeing this picture somewhere... but had no idea it was you. O_O
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  5. Charlie13


    This build will be foam with printed details :) I will use pep-files and convert them, IF there are some. The chest for the templates is mostly based upon the pep-file. Just scatchbuilt some parts for the thrusters.
    As for the helmet I already purched a file from the incedible DutchProps. Just need to scale and print it.
    ATM Im just planning the sniper in Lindas custom skin :3
  6. Charlie13


    No worries! :D Im trying to throw as much pics in here as I can xD

    Now for the red suit, this was my first foam project ever. I built htis guy so intensively, I totally forgot to do a build thread lol. And yeah you remember correctly, I posted it somewhere around here, but thats ages ago already :'D

    Also my old Username is somewhat "incognito" cuz I dont use it anywhere else :3
  7. ReClaimer8015


    yessss! i like the Nornfang skin a lot!
    What about electronics - Argus Helmet has space for a go pro, maybe?
  8. Charlie13


    Yeah I like that skin alot too :3
    Go-Pro seems like a really nice idea. I might consider doing that. For elctronics I platted definately some fans for the helmet and maybe some accent LEDs for different armor parts. Nothing too fancy for now.

    Btw here are some photos of today progress. Completed the back and thrusters today. Also modeled some details
    20170617_163043_zpsuvucavzr.jpg 20170617_163524_zpsjxs1vn8p.jpg
  9. CommanderPalmer


    For your first project it looked great! :D And that chest it looking amazing, really.

    Pardon me, but I always thought Linda had ballz of steel, being so badass. Now she literally will have... ehehhe. :D
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  10. Charlie13


    Hahah well I noticed already that some female charakters indeed have more "balls" than the male ones. xD Never thoguht about that so literally though x'D

    Thanks alot! :3 Now I was pleased with the suit at the time, but when I figured out better ways to do stuff(and watched alot of youtube tutroials concerning foam craftig) I got annoyed by how certain parts look, since I didnt really pay attention to clean edges and stuff. Thats why I started all over again for my recent one :3
    Linda will be an additional suit -which will be much more compact for transport, since the grey/orange one is hard to transport due to all the bulky parts D:
  11. Charlie13


    Designed some small pieces today. These are basically details for the Backparts of the thrusters and backplate. My printers being busy all day to crank those out :p Ill hopefully have them all printed out the next few days :3 klasd_zps0pfi8jky.jpg
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  12. Charlie13


    Awright so ofter a while I was able to print all the parts. Heres how they look right out of the printer.
    I later coated them in Fillerprimer, sanded them down on glued them in place. Its amazing how moch more detailed the back looks now! :)
  13. Charlie13


    So today was a busy day! I managed to fill the remaining gaps in the torso-piece with acrylic caulking and plastidipped the whole thing once the caulking had dried. (Photos will follow)
    Also started on the Thigh-pieces. Since I dont have any pep-files for them I pretty much scratchbuilt them using reference material.
    It started out with the pattern, which I sized to my thigh by wrapping paper around it and draw in the rough basic shapes. I then took it off an defined the shapes to fit the reference more acurately. Unfortunately I forgot to take pictures of the process. However, heres a photo of the finished pattern :3
    I then traced all the parts onto the foam. Two times. (One set mirrored for the left leg)

    I ended up with one basic thigh without any details(for now) and another one still to be assembled. Looks pretty rough for now. I will smooth everything down once I got them both entirely assembled :3
    20170625_004754_zpshaq5sixv.jpg 20170625_004801_zpsu1ho4n1l.jpg 20170625_004812_zpswbwlmwzi.jpg
    Last edited: Jun 24, 2017
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  14. BlazedStarbon

    BlazedStarbon RCO 405th Regiment Officer

    Nice progress! (y)
    I look forward to seeing this completed.
  15. Dirtdives


    I never thought that 3D printed pieces could be attached to a foam build so easily......and change the look so dramatically. Very Papeesheewoosh!!!
  16. TurboCharizard

    TurboCharizard RMO 405th Regiment Officer

    Gorilla Glue gets my vote for MVP
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  17. Charlie13


    Thank you! :D I do my best to keep moving on steadily without rushing anything! Also the builds from other members around here keep me motivated! :3

    Thank you! :D Well I just fooled around a bit with glue, foam and some test printed pieces to see if it works lol. As you can see it actually works. Is it a better alternative to foam details? Really depends imo. But it can help to get difficult to build pieces fairly easy. Modeling the stuff however takes time, not to mention the printing process ...
    I havent really tried gorilla glue yet since I live in Europe where it isnt easy accessable, but the next thing to that might be regular superglue, which works fine too. I attached my details with contact-glue however :)

    Last but not least, heres some progress! :D
    So my Base-paint arrived yesterday and I took the opportunity to give my chestpiece its first base-layer of paint. As I mentioned, I filled and sealed it prior to this. I really love how all the different materials blend into one solid piece after the first layer of paint. Heres some pictures.
    20170626_173055_zps39qlqxca.jpg 20170626_173112_zpsqq7hakil.jpg 20170626_173125_zpshvfa0ffz.jpg
    However, it has some imperferctions which I have to get rid of, until I move onto the actual paintjob and weathering. But I guess it gives a good impression of how itll look finished up! :D
    I also continued on my scratchbuilt thigh-pieces. Just need some printed details for them
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  18. jsg6


    Thats a good start to the build. Gotta love the name too.
  19. PerniciousDuke

    PerniciousDuke RXO 405th Regiment Officer

    Well I definitely know what I'm using my 3d printer for now. Lol. That is looking superb! Not only does it have lots of detail, but since the circle parts are printed they are true circles!
  20. Voren Marr

    Voren Marr

    A work of art my friend :)
  21. Charlie13


    Thank you mate! :)

    Always glad to inspire others with my crazyness :D And yes you're totally right, circle parts were always a pain in the butt if one hasnt proper tools at hand. Another reason, why I decided to give it a shot. I dont know yout experience with 3D-modelling software, but modelling all those details is not to be underastimated. Its well worth the time though imo. :)

    Thank you very much, sir! Im doing my best to make this suit look awesome! :)
  22. TheAstroBot

    TheAstroBot Member

    Wowza. That looks superb.
  23. Charlie13


    Thank you very much, Sir! :)

    Awrighty guys, its update-time. I had a rough week so theres not too much. However I managed to fill all the gaps in my thigh armor pieces.Also printed som details fpr them. RN they look pretty messy I know, but once theyre sealed, everything is nice and smooth :) 20170701_194253_zpswhndgmzd.jpg
    I also finshed my boots today. Theyre being sanded, after I finish this update post and maybe get some acrylic caulking too :)
    Thats how they looks rn:
    20170701_193302_zpsrjy9okq3.jpg 20170701_193230_zpszcqnz0cg.jpg
    Pretty cool "feature" btw: the shoes are still detachable and hold by them selves while walking. I guess I cant run in them though. I might figure out something to attach them more securely :3
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  24. PerniciousDuke

    PerniciousDuke RXO 405th Regiment Officer

    If your suit is foam you may not want to run anyway. Fear of snagging I would imagine is an issue. Not to mention stress on the seams.
    Dirtdives likes this.
  25. Charlie13


    Yeah I know what you mean :) Now in my current suit however it is possible to run short distances without any damage. I would not recommend frequently though.

    Oh my, its actually been a week since I posted any updates O____O' Well at least theres been alot of progress and therefore pictures :D Enjoy everybody! :3
    I started painting and weathering on my chestarmor this week :3 It turned out pretty good imo meaning im pleased with the results :)
    I used a combination of oil- and acrylic-paints for the weathering-progress. The oil-paints were smeared into the creases do darken them up and give an idea of dust and mud setteling into the recessed areas over time. I also drybrushed some edges with dark-silver(ish) acrylic paint to simulate some worn down edges. Mostly on the outside parts that stick out the most. Its all pretty random and intentionally since I wanted it to look naturally :3
    20170709_105612_zps100majxw.jpg 20170709_105624_zpsfdvfu7r1.jpg

    Did the same thing to my boots :3 20170709_132934_zpsf1dqfoz8.jpg

    Also tried on my leg assembly to see if everything fits :3

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