Spartan Backstories

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Anyone else a complete nerd like me and wrote yourself or your character their own back story to jam it into lore … here’s an exert of mine.. if you made one, share yours!

I am dust, I am ash.. I am the dirt below your feet… I am a whisper, a ring in your ear. I am a word on the tip of your tongue, I am deja vu.. I am forgotten.. A Spartan II supposed to have died in the augmentation process. That’s what my file says. The file of Spartan 073 anyway. Only I did not.. Pulled from my peers after successful augmentation and informed by ONI that I was deceased.. told that dead men can carry out the sorts of operations that the living cannot.. So that’s who I became.. 073 was removed from this world and I was gifted a new identity..
Parangosky - “We took you from Earth correct Spartan, Cincinnati?”

Me - “Yes Ma’am”

Parangosky - “Then you shall be, Spartan 513.. I believe that new you, fits”….

Unknown AI - “I rather like that Ma’am”

Me - “I like that as well Ma’am”

Fade to black
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