Spartan Handler (UNSC Marine)


This is going to be a mini build for a UNSC marine, light build. Basically a way for my handler to cosplay with me while still being light enough and mobile enough to help me in and out of armor. She doesn't like the basic helmet design though so I ordered a sgt Johnson cap off of amazon and will use that in place of the marine/army helmet.


Basic build will consist of:
Chest plate (file I grabbed from the armory has the abdomen cover and the belt all combined as one so I'll just group them all the same)
Jumpsuit (will modify whichever one we end up getting to try and match the reference image as best as possible)
May or may not include thigh armor (depends on what she wants)
And she will also (most likely) be carrying the basic backpack some of the marines wear. (mostly for con purposes as well as to challenge myself with a backpack build)
boots which she already has.
And a DMR or Assault rifle (of course depending on con rules and all that fun jazz)

backpack ref.png

Over all this is pretty basic, but the maneuverability she will have will help tremendously at any con we go to together or even while we are doing photo ops and stuff. any which way, this is gonna be a fun little build and I'll try to keep it updated as I progress!

62310098176__93AD5883-49E0-4FB5-8EE2-23E8754A4C9F.JPG IMG_1059.JPG

The hat came in today, I just have it on a roll of foam so it can retain shape a little better, and I've gotten the abdomen started today since it's my day off from work. Hopefully I'll start working on the chest and belt in the next week!


So I have 85% of the chest completed, it is...tiny to say the least, then again so is my handler. I've got some parts pinned onto the base form and I'll glue those on when I get a chance on sunday. Tomorrow I'm having the handler try everything on to see how well it fits her, and from there I'll begin coating EVERYTHING with plasti-dip and eventually paint, still waiting on getting the jumpsuit, and now that the main chest is nearly done I can focus in on making the backpack as well.


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Looking great so far! Even as a “simple” build. Looks super clean. I’m human drop a watch for sure.


Handler came by today for some movies and dinner, and got to test the sizing with her in person. The chest piece fits pretty darn well! We still have to get a good set of coveralls for her that match the marines style, went to some surplus stores but nothing in her size that we saw. I did see some $50 ones on amazon that look about right, but if we could get a "pre weathered" one that would be great haha, my next day off is on Tuesday, so I'll probably have another post up on here by then, or Wednesday


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just a quick update. I went to Michales hobby store and found Plaid FX flexible Acrylic as well as some other paints and materials that were on sale. Anyways, I decided to try out those Plaid FX paints on the chest piece today and I must say I was really really impressed. I love how it applies, and I love how it smooths itself out to relieve any brush strokes you may have made during application. Over all I was really happy with it!

Now, all the main armor pieces have been made and painted, weathered similarly to my own armor, and ready to be worn. I did find a nice file on Thingiverse that had a buckle that looked pretty similar to my reference image, and works very well so I used it for the buckle on the cod piece, and I'll probably be using it to attach the backpack onto the chest piece!


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That's looking freaking awesome so far mate! This is an amazing idea that I'll see if my girlfriend we be willing to do when I finish my ambition build in the next 2-3 years, since it is likely that I'll need a handler with my lack of wide vision if my helmet works the way I hope it does. Did you have a pre-existing template or did you look at reference photos and eyeball some of the dimensions? I imagine that with the backpack that you mentioned there aren't any templates yet.


Thanks TheTAB01 & ODCA

The goal was to have a costume for my girlfriend that would allow her to have full mobility to help me suit up at cons and photoshoots, and still give her a badass costume to match with me. Originally I had thought that I could just get her dressed up as her own custom spartan too, but quickly realized I wouldn't be able to help her much once I was in full costume as well. This was kind of the perfect compromise where we'd both be matching, and she would still be comfortable! (plus she gets to carry drinks and snacks around all day instead of me >;) )