Spartan III armour

Wow, i have to say im really happy this version of the Spartan armour made the cut...I wonder if any SIII's from the books will be making appearances *coughTomcough*

What about you?
Spartan III's
love em or hate em?

spartan 1

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thats not actually th SPI armor. its a look alike. yup the navy is making knock offs of their own armor. go figure o_O

Legend 117

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it actually would be a real suprise to see them.. but it would also mean that bungie would have to update the Mark-V armor because with the S-III's there would also be some s-II's with no Mark-VI

The Ragin Pagan

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If you guys are talking about the Halo 3 multiplayer customization, then SPI didn't make the cut. They have our standard MJOLNIR armor, along with these two:

EVA (Extra Vehicular Activity Armor)

and CQB (Close Quarters Battle Armor)

...I was lookin' forward to SPI armor in Multiplayer.... teh bummer, dood...

The Ragin Pagan

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Yeah, Bungie hinted at more armor changes in their June 8th update, and Beta code modders uncovered the following Elite armor changes:
* Default
* Predator
* Raptor

(got all the info from Halopedia)

John 117

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The SPI armor

My friend Jacob said that the SPi armor killed the whole meaning of the Mjolnir suit but I think its cool

The Ragin Pagan

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Re: The SPI armor

John-117 said:
My friend Jacob said that the SPi armor killed the whole meaning of the Mjolnir suit but I think its cool
How could it kill the MJOLNIR armor, when it wasn't an extension of the MJOLNIR program? The Spartan II's were developed for the One-man-army, nothing-is-impossible type soldier. The Spartan III's were top secret, Section 3 infiltration units. They were never meant to be better or worse than the Spartan II's, but were Colonel James Ackerson's way of "Winning the war", and getting back at his rival Dr. Catherine Halsey. So they don't really kill the MJOLNIR armor, but more attempt a different strategy.
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well i would think the CQB armour would have the helmet that the EVA one has so you could see around you alot better that would be a big help in CQB