Spartan III Background

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So I am currently working on a set of Mk VI Mjolnir armor. I'm wanting a background for the "persona" of this Spartan, but I want it to be as lore friendly as I can. If anyone can help me out with this, it would be greatly appreciated.

Build Link

Points so far:

Spartan III (Beta Company) ID 148
Mjolnir Mk VI
Orange with Light Grey bands
Marksman Specialist

As I understand it, most Spartan IIIs wore SPI armor rather than Mjolnir; but at least 3 teams did use Mjolnir. I am not sure if they were the only ones though.
Many of the Spartans of Beta Company were wiped out in Operation Torpedo; obviously, I don't want my Spartan to have this fate.
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