Props Spartan Laser has begun!!

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Spartan 270

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I recently ran a poll to see whether i should build a Spartan Laser or Rocket Launcher. Most votes went to Spartan Laser. So today i have gathered all my materials and started on the Spartan Laser! I'll post pics as soon as i can.
Im ganna side with Sean, You could have just edited the title of the original thread, and if it lets you, remove the poll.

Lets just try to keep the forum clean. :dee:
i agree, but reference pics would be nice, i kinda looks like a p90(gun) that sits on your shoulder
Ok heres some pics of my progress on the Spartan Laser. This is just the rough shape of the weapon. I still got a lot of work to do. ;-)




Well, what do you think of my progress? ;-)
Its not all the same thickness as you show in yours there. Also, the top front part of the gun actually moves up and down, its not just blantly attached to the gun.

The general shape is ok but to early to judge. I will try to post some good side ref's of it later.

Ok heres an update on my Spartan Laser. Just a little progress. I still got a lot of work to do. ;-)



I'll keep you informed on my progress. :Steve:
Interesting so far. Keep working. One idea. Go to the toy store and look at the nerf guns. Maybe you can mod one. Just a thought.
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