Spartan Numbers


Hey all of the 405th, I have a quick question:

I was wondering if there is anywhere on the forums that keeps track of what numbers are used for Spartans. Now, I realize this is next to impossible to do because of all the un-posted builds on this site, and builds on other possible sites. But I feel it would be fun to archive those that are used by the 405th. It doesn't have to be followed by all, but for those (like me) who want to add that extra unique feel to their Spartan armour (even though it might not be fully unique in that sense), I think it might be cool.

Let me know what you think, and if you want, post your numbers here.

I've chosen 119 (Date of birth, 10/19, got rid of the zero.) unless it's been claimed already.

Thanks guys and gals :D

Also, if this is the wrong forum, Mods, feel free to move it. I thought general discussion, but this is sort of build related, so I put it here.

All right, as per request, here is the list. Any that I put pending after, require you to contact me, because they have been taken or multiple numbers were posted. Please PM me for any changes you would like to make. Also, just because it says pending, or if a number you like is chosen, this doesn't mean you have to find a new number, just change the letter prefix.

I went with my original plan of organisation with the numbers and letters, so please don't be mad, I can change it if you want me to.

Again, I would like to emphasize, this is NOT a rule/number selection method set in stone. Use what you want. :D

X-002 Crimmson
S-005 Spartan James
S-006 Spartan Jai
T-007 Tafoya007
S-008 Spartan Li
B-008 Tritan
S-010 Spartan Naomi
F-012 Virti
H-013 PatrikChiefLorinc029
R-013 Xav-Kitsune
S-013 Lockon13 / Sepheus 13
G-016 Trando434
S-018 Spatran Kirk
S-019 Spartan Serin
S-021 elush99
S-022 RedJak
S-023 Spartan Daisy
S-027 Ghost Bear 027
S-029 Spartan Joshua / blackout11c
J-029 frozenottsel
S-030 Spartan Vinh
S-034 Spartan Samuel
F-036 The Chief Master
S-039 Spartan Isaac
S-042 Spartan Douglas
S-043 Spartan William
S-044 Spartan Anton
S-047 Spartan Keiichi
S-051 Spartan Kurt
S-052 Spartan Jorge
K-055 sarlume
S-056 Data
A-057 Frozensnot
G-057 LCBeagle
S-058 Spartan Linda
S-059 Spartan Malcolm
S-062 Spartan Maria
S-066 Spartan Soren
S-069 Spartan Solomon
S-073 Spartan 73
S-073 Caboose vs Grif (pending)
S-075 Spartan Cassandra
S-077 Jiralhanae
S-079 Spartan Arthur
S-081 Spartan René
M-082 NayrDeathExperience
S-084 Spartan Fhajad
S-087 Spartan Kelly
S-088 Obi-Jeff Kenobi
S-092 Spartan Jerome
S-093 Spartan Grace
S-095 Spartan Caleb
S-096 Spartan Musa
S-101 Spartan Victor / Chainsaw Ninja
S-104 Spartan Frederic
L-108 e82
S-111 Spartan Adriana
S-113 AugmentedHuman013
S-117 Spartan John
S-118 Spartan_018
S-119 Apothacary
S-122 Spartan Jospeh
S-130 Spartan Alice
S-137 Spartan Carris
S-141 Spartan Cal
S-153 Dragunity
S-186 averysmallhorse
S-192 -Bonepunk-
S-197 JPanzer
M-213 MYST
S-214 Spartan-214
F-225 Halcyon25
C-227 tac2002
S-234 NoMaybeYes
Z-236 Renton117
A-239 Spartan Emile
S-247 murishani047
S-251 kaufman92eb
B-257 Sai-257
A-259 Spartan Carter
R-259 rickrtickr
A-266 Spartan Jun
Z-286 Zaff
S-303 Spartan Ralph
F-304 ferret304
B-312 Noble Six
B-320 Spartan Kat
S-323 S323
S-338 Blorin
S-352 DD117
S-358 Monk358
S-382 Daniel-382
S-446 MissingSpartan7
U-513 U513
S-626 ShawnProblemz
S-711 lordhood32
S-734 Leventel
E-815 lordhood32
S-818 BuckeeW
S-907 PHIL-907
S-957 Tyvern
J-989 tabris89
S-1138 Bioshutt
S-1313 Spartan 1313
H-2009 Grave_Hawk
S-5285 Pigglywiggly1973


I have not seen that either, it would be cool though something simular to the 501st legion number system they have in place for their troops.

Mine is S-088


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Anyone happen to have a list of the serial numbers of the Spartans already in existence? I mean for instance we know Chief is S-117, so if we could get a list of all the other known Spartan serial numbers to start we would know which ones are still open for the 405th. This article does have quite a few of the known service numbers, and according to it, Chainsaw Ninja's number belongs to Victor 101, Team Black sniper. Obi-Jeff, 088 would be James 088, apparently known for dual-wielding assault rifles, former member of Brass Team before being re-assigned to lead Bronze Team in the defense of Reach, and died on an Elite's energy sword while defending the Orbital Defense Generator. As for 119, a Bing search came back with this fan-fiction with the Spartan David 119.

Hadn't given much thought to a serial number outside of needing one for the Halo 3 callsign. For that, I went with Z86. The other games let us choose any 4 letters or numbers, so I've just been using ZAFF as my call-sign. Not really sure what I'd settle on for a serial number, but would probably be either the Z86 or a derivative of it, like Z086, Z286, or just Spartan 286. So far none of those have been used before. Yea, heck with it. I'll go with 286. Always so indecisive about these things. I change my Spartan's armor just about every time I play Halo, might as well at least keep the number the same. lol.
I Call myself 429

Spartan IV, 2613... Alive in cryo.

(unless somebody else wants it. I'm willing to change)


EDIT: Can we actually get that thing up and running? I've got a pretty good system in mind. Any help will be given.


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The others (186, 82,304 and 234) don't seem to be taken, but sorry to say, 073 belongs to a Spartan that died due to his body rejecting the augmentation process. Man, talk about bad luck. Other Spartans can be remembered for dying in battle, this guy dies of uncontrollable muscle spasms during the augmentation process. Little sidenote, though, his death was witnessed by John 117.

Edit: 429 doesn't seem to be used in-canon either.
The others (186, 82,304 and 234) don't seem to be taken, but sorry to say, 073 belongs to a Spartan that died due to his body rejecting the augmentation process. Man, talk about bad luck. Other Spartans can be remembered for dying in battle, this guy dies of uncontrollable muscle spasms during the augmentation process. Little sidenote, though, his death was witnessed by John 117
For those who have overlapping tags, ever consider a (2) or (B) character who is the second generation of that character?

If the previous Spartan is dead, they could be replaced. I don't know the story well enough however, and the UNSC may not do this. If they don't, well... shame. all those new Spartans might need to change!

EDIT: My tag changed to L429 for uniqueness. I found 2 429's. They're members of other forums but you know...


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The links I've found generally tell whether that particular Spartan is still around or if he/she has died. Honestly not sure if it was because of the number of Spartans or as a means of designating which generation they're from that letters began to get mixed into their service numbers.
If you happen to be... let's say Spartan 2: 405, then you should change to S405 or if your name happens to be Adam, your tag may be A405 or 405A.

Be creative Ya'll, we're dealing with something that may lead to more.

(edit: After reading this for a second time I noticed that my edit turned into it's own post... resulting in a redundant post. Since I ca't delete, I'm sorry for posting a pointless post)


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I have always gone with either S-013 or S-113. I know there use to be a decent list on Wikipedia but doing a quick search i haven't been able to find it. It broke it down on Active, MIA, KIA. I would definiately be for such things as the list of Tags.


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Mine are S-711 ( the birth day of my love ) E-815 ( the day we met ) And finally E-501 ( but thats my odst's )