Spartan Springbreak - Savannah, GA 2016


Hello Everyone,

We are thinking of having a "Spartan SpringBreak", of course all 405th personnel are welcome. We're thinking of hosting this in Savannah, GA which is a good mid-point for most of us on the last week of March(March 24th to the 27th).

Here is a good hotel that we found, if we get two people in each room that'll be $45/person. Of course, if you can fit more then it'll be cheaper.


Plan is to just meet and have a good time. We can do a photo shoot on the beach, so please bring your gear just in-case. Also thinking about some Ghost Tours. Here is a link of a most popular one. They have also have a Ghost Pub Crawl.

I know that there are some Vampire tours. Please let me know if you're interested so we can do a head count. Obviously this a bit way out but we want to see how many would be interested.

Thank you.


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Interested for my wife and I pending the logistics the closer the date gets. It would be nice to finally meet you guys.


I'm really excited that this idea actually took off, I can't wait to hang out with everyone again, and maybe meet some new faces


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405th Regiment Officer
Hey there Spartans and Helljumpers. We are unfortunately going to have to cancel Spartan Spring break. This will not damper our moods. We still want to have events in the future for the Southern Regiment to come together when not bound by the time constraints of a convention. We will hopefully find a better time that is acommidating to a larger section of our group. Thank you all for your interest and carry on


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I'd love to come but I'm having to cut back on builds :(. but the good news is I might some day petty soon have a café open and it would be fun to just as a bunch of UNSC personal having lunch in one place talking/ having a meeting.