Props Spartan131’s Nerf MA40 Repaint


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Hello everybody! At this point, I’ve devoted the past week to painting my Nerf MA40 similarly to the in-game weapon, listening to the audiobook of Shadows of Reach (my first Halo book). My paint scheme will be a cross between the regular MA40, and the longshot variant in the campaign. My paints are mainly Vallejo steel, aluminum, and silver (I mixed the steel and silver in a 10:1 ratio), with some medium yellow and black. I plan on adding lights to the ammo counter and a ”screen” that matches the longshot. Thanks to TheRealVictor for his painting tutorial. I’ve still got a lot of painting to do, so please feel free to critique my work. Also, if someone could give me advice on the lights for the ammo counter, I would really appreciate it!


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This is looking great so far! Sounds like you have a solid plan for painting the whole thing, very much looking forward to seeing it all come together! I plan on repainting my Nerf MA40 as well but haven't started yet. Is that painting tutorial on YouTube or is it on another thread here?
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