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Walter Spase

Well-Known Member you can't PM me until I clear out the mess that is my inbox. I have been having a crazy month and a half, lots of stuff has happened. I am occasionally on XBL, GT: Spase but its a bad place to contact me as I have been letting a friend use my account.

Email me if you have a question or need me for some reason

There are a few people that I need to get in contact with, I have some, well, presents.

EDIT: Oh and umm... sorry for the month long disappearance, for personal reason's don't ask. Everything is cool now, shops running again.


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Well, I sincerely hope things are better for you now than they have been for the last month. That happens to all of us at times, I guess, where things just come upon us unexpectedly and then get very busy.

It's occured to me on occasion too, where I've had to take a temporary leave of absence to sort through personal matters and get them back on track before I can come back to the forums and participate as I usually do.

I'm glad to hear things are on more of an even keel for you now, buddy... ;)


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