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These are my vids of me running around in my armor. I hope you like them.
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I do believe that your the first person I've seen, actually running in a full suit of armor. With the way the armor was designed though, it looks a bit uncomfortable, and sort of unbalanced to do so. I think that after I get my limb casts done I'm going to take a little creative liberty and make it a little easier to move in.

Movies are awesome by the way! Your armor looks fantastic too.
Oh man, the way you ran, I laughed hard lol. It looks like its hard to run in. Anyways, amazing job with the armor. :)
Awesome vids.

BTW - Are those NERFS? Looks like a maverick and longshot. Spot on ya for the paint job on the armor and weaponry, mate!

As for the camera man, the shaking hand effect gives it a more realistic feel - just look at the ODST vids recently posted. It's like you are in the action.
Ok, not gonna lie, when you ran, I laughed. When you randomly hopped, I laughed.
It great vids.
Very nice!

Is that pepakura? You should post some pics of the armor so we can all look at the details. It looks really good.
Nice suit. But at one point it looks like that really hurt, and not in a good way...

Given I have to be able to run in any suit I assemble I'm curious as to any insights you may have on improving comfort and range of movment.
Actually its quite easy to run in my armor, my thigh plate is a little loose and it slipped during a lot of the filming so thats why I run so funny. I'll be fixing that before the 25th. My armor is pepakura, I will be posting more pictures in my gallery, and all of my weapons are NERF guns, I'm currently working on modding the longshot into a sniper rifle, you can see my progress in the gallery. I'm not wearing my boots in the vid because they were completely destroyed at Fandemonium.
If anyone would like to know more about my vids, props, or armor, please PM me.
So does that mean, if the thigh pieces were secured that youd have more movement range in your knees ? Cause they looked pretty straight whenever you ran.
Very cool vids
I like your armor, I wouyld like to try to make armor the way that you did
but there is no program for my apple iMac to print out the parts.

Tha last time I took a non-gun out to wear with a costume
I found my self surrounded by four police officers and this was
years before 911.

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