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ok id like to hear other people's comments on spiderman 3: the movie.

to start it out. i thought it was really good. im a huge spiderman and venom fan so any combination of the two is always good. i did think they had a little too much going on in the movie like they wanted to cram alot in at the last minute.

couple of things i didnt like (this is me paying too close attention to detail):
first i wish the symbiote costume for spiderman was the smooth w/ the white spider on it.
second, i wish that when venom was talking they made the voice a lot deeper not just the voice of eddie brock

other than that i thought the movie was good.
I second the voice of eddie brock thing.

Too much crying in the movie as well, for the love of god it's an action movie not a drama!

Being a venom fan too, I was pretty disappointed in the flick. But that's probably got more to do with me overhyping it than anything else.

It's a very good movie. There is alot going on in it, but I never felt it was too much to keep track of. I was amazed at the number of subplots and morals presented in the story, it's really deep if you think about alot of what was presented.

I wouldn't call Spiderman an action flick, per se. it breaks alot of the rules in terms of that. The story has always been about the characters relationships, and the love triangle between Harry, Mary Jane, and Peter Parker. Spiderman is an anthero to begin with because of his vulnerablilty and being constantly in conflict with his powers and the effects on his personal life. It's just so much more emotionally based than any action movie I know of...

..maybe it is a drama.... with action interspaced throughout?

Anyhow, Red what are you waiting for??? Go see it!!!
stupid family wedding :mrgreen: over the weekend so I had to fly out to NYC. I hope to see it tonight or tomorrow night, for on wednesday I leave for a very special trip that I will tell you guys about soon.
for the most part it was good except emo pete....could have been a little truer to the comics or cartoon series from back in the dya but all in all still a great movie
I thought that was hilarious. Nothing better than seeing nerdy Peter Parker become someone totally opposite of who he really is...
honest_insanity said:
148$ million opening weekend o_O
Chyeah, spider man is the richest super hero ever lol.

yeah, kicked capt. jack off the #1 spot. Don't worry though, he'll regain that position end of this month :dee:

Okay. so, I saw it. hmmm. yeah... dunno what to say.

Well, it was fun to see with a friend so we could laugh. I'll leave it at that. Maybe a more in depth review later.
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For being SM3 and a "comic movie" it was fun. For a movie I sat and analyzed it hurt me.

Everything is too convenient..the building that's being demolished by an out of control crane just happens to have the mayors daughter on that floor, who just happens to be in Peters class. The man that killed his grandfather just happens to become the Sandman. Topher just happens to be in the same church praying for god to kill Peter while at the same time Peter is in the church struggling with Symbiote. The meteor just so happens to land right behind Peter and MJ. I mean jeez it's Spiderman not Final Destination. A certain degree of convenience is always acceptable for movies, but you do not introduce more then one mind boggling concept together. A meteor from space? You should NEVER introduce something like that without explaining the origin of the meteor. Where did it come from? What is it in the first place? What is that black substance? They didn't even bother to explain. If that wasn't bad enough, a man just gets turned into sand. Each of these would have been more acceptable if they were introduced in one movie at a time. That way, there could have been more insight on the origin of the meteor, or the concept of the particle research. It would have helped if a little more was elaborated on the particle research. That should be the case for super heroes/villains who get their powers by some accident. The scientific concept of the accident has to be explained a little.

Spider sense? Not one time did Spiderman nor Venom sense anything in the 100's of times they encountered danger.

Sandman's daughter shows up one time and she's never seen or mentioned again. Then we have to sit through flashbacks that serve no purpose when they could have just said who the real killer of Uncle Ben was in the first film. Or how about this... at least let us know what Sandman's daughter was even dieing from! Why is this money so important to him? What is his daughters sickness?
Buuut lets not forget that we are talking about a movie where the main character get bitten by a radioactive spider and becomes superhuman with spider-like abilities..... shooting webs from his wrists....'cause spiders shoot webs from their wrists all the time. ;-)

Spiderman wouldn't be nearly as cool is he shot his webs from his butt. Though hey, wouldn't that make more sense and be believeable? In the end you just have to say "well, the way they did it was cooler than would happen in real life...um, er comic book life... uh."

I think that common sense of what could rationally happen goes out the window right when you sit in the seat of the theater... If they had to backstory everything, the movie would have been 6 hours long.
Sean Bradley said:
Buuut lets not forget that we are talking about a movie where the main character get bitten by a radioactive spider and becomes superhuman with spider-like abilities..... shooting webs from his wrists....'cause spiders shoot webs from their wrists all the time. ;-)

Spiderman wouldn't be nearly as cool is he shot his webs from his butt.

Yeah imagine if peter parker ate at a mexican restruant that night. We'd have webs all over the place. LOL
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I hated spiderman 3. It was cheesy so many time worse than the others. Venom looked cheap and rushed and they crammed too much into one movie.

The had at least 2 movies in that thing.

We can only hope that the next one focuses on 1 villian like the first one did.
I think I can pinpoint my problem with the movie thanks to Cmax.

They got crazy and went the route of the Batman franchise which ultimately made it take a nosedive.

They had more than one villain and made more than one hero which made too much plot for the movie to possibly display in 2 hours. If they gave Sandman more depth and kept Spiderman the only hero in the movie, while delivering the introduction to the venom storyline with a satisfying Sandman put out of comision / cliffhanger venom ending then they could have done Spiderman 4 with it all about venom.

Anymore they film too many movies at the same time (sequal to sequal) for them to just cram people in there. Now you have half of a Sandman plot and half of a Venom plot, both of which could have successfully filled a full movie, and you don't even figure to have Tobie McGuire the next movie....

If this doesn't make sense then follow this:

Spiderman 1 (good movie) - Good Guy: Spiderman. Bad Guy: Green Goblin.

Batman 1 (good movie) - Good Guy: Batman. Bad Guy: Joker

Spiderman 2 (good movie) - Good Guy: Spiderman. Bad Guy: Octopus

Batman 2 (good movie) - Good Guy: Batman. Bad Guy: Penguin

Now look after this.

Spiderman 3 (eh) - Good Guy: Spiderman and Harry. Bad Guy: Sandman and Venom

Batman 3 (eh) - Good Guy: Batman and Robin. Bad Guy: Riddler and Two-Face

Point of it all is, one good guy and one bad guy gives a great plot and good action. Cramming extra people in for the sake of getting toons into a movie is detrumental to the franchise.

But who am I to suggest that, they just made more money than they can count. :shock:
the only part that bothered me was how the symbiote got to earth. and the emo pete. and the not low voice. and that i had to sit in the front of the movietheatre(wich has an ultrascreen). and the spider on venom wasnt white. other then that is was a good movie
too much crying: the game is better

whoever wrote this movie has probably never read a spiderman comic in his life. come on dude they killed eddie brock!!!!!!
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