Spike grenade project

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I need advice all i got is my reference pics but ill update when i begin the process.How should i make this out of cardboard or anythng that can help my mind into think what to do thankyou everyone.[attachment=1613:halo3spi...ysespdm7.jpg]
Cardboard would be the easiest. Right? Well I don't really know what you should use but cardboard would be my first try. Well anyways good luck dude.
all you need is

a PVC tube, some PVC tube thats slightly bigger then the other, one of those PVC CAP things. and some Card board. and instant cardboard Spike! :D
Ahh cool using pvc, i went that route, but i need a thinker pipe, i was also thinking of using a prop stick hand grenade (Stielhandgranate) and attach the pieces and appropriate paint, usually u can find these type at surplus stores, i also happen to have a great way to make the incendiary grenades, but im still low on money and im working on making an infection form right now, but yeah im not sure if you have the length of spike grenade but its 36inches long i have reference pics in my album, and my fileshare on bungie, cause i have been working blueprints and all sort of stuff to make one.


there u go hope you do well, im almost done with mine,
browncoatgandalf said:
PVC should work but i would put a broom handle in the middle so the smaller PVC wouldn't break if you were to throw it

the different textures in the PVC and the broom would mean haveing to add extra layers of resin...
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LastSpartan said:
You don't throw props.
If they're good enough, you can. Especially if you made it, you're not really risking anything. If you had a plasma grenade prop, would you throw it? I know I would... Because I've already done it...
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Who needs safe? Just follow common sense and don't throw it at people. Or if you do, just use foam from a craft store as the blades and pad the stick.
Well if your were very serious and wanted to make it stick to all manner of things and had absolutely no care at all for safety of anything you could make it out of razor blades and rusty fishhooks. But on a serious note i would go with a few pieces of PVC held together with the standard stuff for piping. But as more particular pieces i would go to a any hardware store find the PVC aisle and just pick up pieces and just imagine. Last time i went there i devised a way to turn a diet coke and mentos filled bottle into a diet coke gun.
to explain, if i had a spike grenade i have friends that would come over and be like, "cool, a spike grenade! hey, catch!" and then i would have to corpse-ify them for breaking it , so to stop the main part from snapping when they drew back and threw it, i would reinforce the handle pvc with the broom stick.
i would use a baseball bat with some added spikes to make the shape then maybe id mold it and make it out of pvc or something
a bat has the same basic shape, so mabe just cut an old bat down in lenght and add some plastic spikes to it, paint it and tape it, there you go, a simple spike grenade.
Did you see how big the spike grenades were in the live-action clip with the Marines?

Those are big. Kind of the same thing with Spikers and the Museum.
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