Spike Grenade

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Jr Member
Ok, so this is my Spike Grenade. It isn't quite finished yet but here it is so far. I made it from cardboard, hot glue, and a bit of masking tape. Sorry if the pictures are a bit blurry




So tell me what you think :D
*Borat Voice*
Very Nice

*Normal Voice*
Looks very good, i love seeing all the new talent that flows thru here, a lot of people have fantasic artistic abilities.

Keep up the good work man,

Is that Cardboard?
You could even resin that and make casts after some detailing, that wouldn't be to hard, then you would have a Rigid not so fragile prop that people would take some interest in.

gosh, i wanted to start my spike gernade i was too lazy and about 3 months later i still havent made it and now you made it :( well, nice spiky :)

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